Some student veterans now qualify for the “Forever GI Bill”

Joslyn Simmons

Photo by Tyler-van-Voorthuijsen

The GI Bill will no longer have an expiration date for service members who left the military after January 1, 2013.

Benefits of the Forever GI Bill include tuition, fees, books and supplies stipend and a monthly housing allowance.

Photo by Michael Herrara

Before the “Forever GI Bill” was passed, veterans had only 15 years to use the benefit. This 15 years clock started after the final 90-day period of their active service in the military.

79 percent of veterans used the GI Bill in 2016 for higher education, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs’ 2017 annual report.

Veterans in the STEM programs also have a chance to increase their benefits for five years instead of four, on a first-come, first-serve basis, to complete their schooling.


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