Thanks for honoring U.S. soldiers with column, clothes


Dear Editor,
A thank you is in order for the copy editor of the Spinnaker who wrote about the public making a mockery of the American military uniform in the Oct. 22 issue.

I just got back from four months of military duty. And after returning to the area and walking around Jacksonville and UNF the last couple days, I am amused and slightly saddened at the general public wearing fake military shirts and random bits of uniforms.

As military personnel, we are not really supposed to wear our BDUS, dogtags or other gear off base, but there is this new trend with teens today.

Just yesterday I saw two guys wearing camouflage all-weather Air Force jackets. It’s fine to wear the jacket and keep warm; just take the insignia off. They didn’t earn the rank or the patch.

I am asking politely as military member to not wear dogtags or a random Air Force jacket with the insignia on it. It makes a mockery of those who proudly wear the uniform everyday.

Katy Maxemow
Senior, Public Health