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State –
Hurricane Irene approaches
Hurricane Irene, the first hurricane of the 2011 season, is forecast to become a Category 3 by the time it reaches Jacksonville’s latitude Friday afternoon, according to The Weather Channel. TWC gives updates ten minutes before every hour. The threat level for Florida’s east coast has been downgraded to medium. Irene is projected to hit the coast of North Carolina by this weekend, according to TWC.

Nation –
Colorado and Richmond experience rare quakes
Colorado experienced a 5.3 magnitude quake and resulting tremors Monday night. The second most powerful earthquake in Virginia history, 5.8 in magnitued, struck 40 miles northwest of Richmond and was felt in Washington D.C. Tuesday, CNN reported. The quake prompted evacuations and closings in both office buildings and monuments in the nation’s capital Tuesday morning, but everything had reopened by late afternoon, according to CNN.

World –
Gadhafi’s compound seized
Rebels in Tripoli, Libya seized Moammar Gadhafi’s compound Tuesday. Rebel fighters finally punched through the compound after six months of battling his forces. Celebratory gunfire sounded as rebels entered and left the compound, and many left with weapons and ammunition taken from the compound. In addition to being Gadhafi’s private residence, the compound also houses modern government offices, according to CNN.