Emperor X Western Teleport Node Activation – Node Found!


Use the Riddle below to find the Emperor X Node. If you find the node you will receive a full download of Western Teleport, the latest album from Emperor X.
“People who find the nodes will own the only physical copies of the audio and artwork, but digital copies of all music and artwork are also encrypted and archived at WesternTeleport.com. Successful scavengers will see tagged instructions explaining how to decrypt the digital online version of the node, making it available to the general public. The first three finders will also win a free Emperor X concert at their university, home, or favorite local venue as well as a copy of Western Teleport.”
-Via Blog Rocking Beat (for more information)

Riddle: Betwixt Student Union buildings I do hide.
Seek directions, you must, to find.
If you are lost, then you are near.
Underneath, I am here.

(Hint: Campus Map)