Track-by-track review of OK Human by Weezer

Ash Zapata, Volunteer DJ

Weezer is an American Rock band that was popular in the early 2000s with various hits such as Island In The Sun, Say It Ain’t So, and Buddy Holly. Weezer’s newest album OK Human,(A reference to Radiohead’s OK Computer) features twelve tracks; all that explore the loneliness and seclusion that comes with the pandemic. The band decided to stray away from modern technology and recruited an orchestra of thirty-eight instruments to create this album. “It’s time to disconnect from the world, and connect to the album”-Weezer.


Album cover art for OK Human by Weezer


All My Favorite Songs- I think as an opener, this song is super relatable. It seems to be talking about how Rivers Cuomo feels that the way he feels is contradicting.

Aloo Gobi- After a bit of digging, I found that this song was written in 2017 is about how he was bored with his routines. But now living in a pandemic, Cuomo learns to appreciate the simple things. I think that is something we can all attest to.

Grapes Of Wrath- The transition into this song from Aloo Gobi is really pleasing. This song is about how Cuomo enjoys listening to books on Audible.(Hence Grapes of Wrath) It seems to offer a sense of escape. This song has a great rhythm. 

Numbers- This song is my favorite on the album. The focus on strings gives the track a sense of mellow-ness. As humans, we like to quantify everything; and while that offers structure it can also be damaging in a way-especially when we try to quantify ourselves. We are more than a set of numbers. 

Playing My Piano- This is a very pretty but vehement ballade. I think this is the most relatable track- as a college student I have to attend Zoom classes every week. We all have something that distracts us; in this case it is a piano. 

Mirror Image- Cuomo’s wife is the subject of the track. A short but sweet ode to her. It sounds similar to something the Beatles would produce. 

Screens- I thought this track brings up a good question of where we will be in the future, but overall I didn’t really like it. The orchestration reminds me of reprise in a contemporary musical. 

Bird With A Broken Wing- I like the lyrics to this song, it talks about how Cuomo is out of his prime but he feels like he still has things to offer. The only thing about this track is that the Chorus melody reminds me of Photograph by Nickelback. 

Dead Roses- The orchestration on this track is really cool, you can really hear the strings. It is a suspenseful sounding song.

Everything Happens For A Reason- This is an instrumental on the album, It sounds like it has some oriental inspiration. It transitions perfectly into the next track. 

Here Comes The Rain- I quite enjoy this song. It’s super upbeat with a fun piano riff. I think it’s inspired by the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun, offering a parallel. I think it’s also a good addition because it balances out with the previous tracks, which seem to be a bit blue.

La Brea Tar Pits- I looked up the meaning of the title, and apparently there is a pit in Los Angeles that harbors bones of old animals. They would walk into the pit and get stuck and if any other animal tried to help they would get sucked in too. It is a good metaphor for today, and a good ending to the album. 

Overall this album offered up some ideas and thoughts that I feel like we can all relate to in these difficult times; taking care of ourselves, dealing with social media as a main outlet, and the loneliness that comes with staying home. It was also very different that an orchestra was used for the discography. It is still true to the Weezer sound, except with melodious violins. I would rate this album 3 out of 5 Spinnaker Sails.