Album review: Call Me If You Get Lost

Furio Gerwitz, Volunteer DJ

“Call Me If You Get Lost” is the latest album by rapper and producer Tyler the Creator, released on June 25.  The album largely acts as a victory lap in the wake of the critical and commercial success of 2019’s “Igor.” Sonically, the album draws primarily from hip hop, with notable electronic and some pop influences. While a narrative through-line in the form of a breakup is present, it plays a lesser role in comparison to previous releases.

Photo courtesy of Spotify.

Sir Baudelaire: A sparse piano and oboe-led intro in which mixtape host DJ Drama announces his presence and Tyler delivers lines reflecting on luxurious travel.

Corso: A dark and erratic piano and bass-heavy hip hop track which establishes the album’s dual thematic focus on personal success and insecurity. 

Lemonhead: An upbeat horn-led trap cut featuring a drum and bass-heavy beat.

Wusyaname: A smooth, synth and bass-led pop track which sees Tyler do his best to catch the attention of the album’s romantic focus.

Lumberjack: A dark hip hop track, evocative of Tyler’s early releases, prominently featuring DJ effects and interjections.

Hot Wind Blows: A jazzy, piano and flute-led hip hop track in which Tyler and Lil Wayne exchange dense and double entendre-heavy verses.

Massa: A slower hip-hop track that sees Tyler reflect on the trajectory and evolution of his career, mellowly beginning his verse before a spirited finish.

Runitup: An upbeat, celebratory hip-hop track featuring a prominent brass section.

Manifesto: An aggressive hip-hop track over a choral sample in which Tyler and fellow Odd Future-acolyte Domo Genesis exchange bars over their attitudes towards the public.

Sweet/I Thought You Wanted to Dance: A two-part track, beginning with a smooth synth-pop cut before transitioning to a somewhat stilted dancehall finale.

Momma Talk: An interlude in which Tyler’s mom recounts defending him as a child, before transitioning to the next track.

Rise!: A drum and synth-led track which sees Tyler list and defend his merits.

Blessed: A brief interlude that sees Tyler reflect on what he views as blessings in his life.

Juggernaut: A unique trap cut largely devoid of a melody featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell.

Wilshire: A longer hip-hop track in which Tyler recounts the details of falling in and out of love with a woman in a relationship over a largely static beat.

Safari: A slow, trumpet-led outro featuring aggressive bars before an abrupt exit.

Ultimately, “Call Me If You Get Lost” serves as a great addition to Tyler’s discography. Over a decade of consistent musical output has refined Tyler’s production abilities and afforded him a wide sonic palette, traits that are on full display throughout the project. Combined with sharp songwriting and lyricism, the end result is a detailed, well-made project which makes for an engaging and enjoyable listen.

Standout Tracks: Corso, Wusyaname, Massa, Manifesto

Overall, I’d rate “Call Me If You Get Lost” 4 out of 5 Spinnaker Sails.