Letter from the editor: Welcome back Ospreys

Carter Mudgett, Acting Editor in Chief

“During this pandemic, the most vulnerable have been the hardest hit … We must increase our resilience. We must work together and take an integrated approach to health, hunger, climate, and equity crisis — no one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe.” -Volkan Bozkır, President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Today marks the first-day UNF returns to an in-person campus experience after a long year of battles, loss, and restrictions. We have suffered uncountable loss, driven ourselves to boredom in lockdown, and fought incredible battles to reach here.

Take a moment to appreciate our return but remember that our work is not yet done. Listen to the guidelines, wear a mask when appropriate, and if you don’t, respect those who choose to. Get the vaccine.

As the fall semester begins, take for granted the opportunity we all have to learn here at UNF. In the past year, we have waged a war on inequality and fought for a world of love, just to name a few. However daunting, we must continue to strive for equality and foster hope.

Spinnaker Media continues to recognize and respect the various battles taking place at UNF, in each individual’s communities, and across the globe. 

Accordingly, the news will continue to report. Features will work to bring a focus to organizations on-campus, off-campus, and within our community, that helps us all stay educated. Radio will continue to provide a diverse collection of artists. TV will continue the effort to gather and show programs that improve awareness and education from the screen.  

We ask just one thing of you. Read our website, listen to our radio stations, watch our tv shows on youtube, check out our semesterly magazine, and download the app. Share our articles with friends and with family, if you have the time. The more you give, the more we can give you.

Welcome back, Spinnaker works for you. 


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