Involvement in scandal important to mention


Dear Editor,
I would like to comment on the recent column written by Arielle Schneider. While reading the article, I could not help but notice she ends her opinion about Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama’s platform with a statement that is clearly untrue: “Obama’s plans may seem good but apparently, only McCain truly gets economics.”

It seems odd she would make this comment when McCain himself has stated he is not strong on

More interesting to note is the Keating Five scandal that involved McCain in 1989.

The Keating Five were five U.S. senators who were involved in the biggest economic scandal of the time. Much like the economic debacle that has reviled itself today, the scandal was based on a savings and loans company.

McCain was the only one of the five with close social and personal ties to Keating and thus received $112,000 in contributions. Then McCain based his deregulation stance on what Keating’s advised, which is the same deregulation stance that has now sunk our economy and the one McCain still supports.

So if McCain understands economics more than Obama, it is a very bad thing.

Brandon Pohl
Senior, Computer Science