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All content by Nicole Moore

Classic Album Review: Viva La! Woman

Nicole Moore April 5, 2019

Cibo Matto’s “Viva La! Woman” is an album just as full as personality as it is food references. Intricate instrumentals, textured samples, and vocalist Miho Hatori’s love letters to beef jerky...

Courtesy of Berry Records.

For Your Consideration: Guitar Vader – “From Dusk”

Nicole Moore April 3, 2019

For every album that obtains some resemblance of fame, there are more than likely another fifty hiding in the trenches. Not available on Spotify or iTunes, Guitar Vader’s “From Dusk” perpetually...

Courtesy of The Domino Recording Company

Album Review: Cows on Hourglass Pond appeals to everyone

Nicole Moore April 1, 2019

If you were to take any standard pop record and attempt to drown it in the depths of a murky, muddy pond, it would probably sound a bit like Cows on Hourglass Pond. Avey Tare (Dave Portner) of Animal Collective...

Panda Bear opts for stripped-down artistry on Buoys

Panda Bear opts for stripped-down artistry on “Buoys”

Nicole Moore March 22, 2019

Panda Bear for the last two decades has been nothing short of a pillar in the indie music scene, with fingerprints all over the industry both as a solo act and with Animal Collective. “Buoys,” in accordance,...

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

“The Black Album” continues Weezer’s trend of mediocrity

Nicole Moore March 12, 2019

“Begrudgingly catchy” is a phrase I thought I would never use in my lifetime, but it’s a phrase that describes Weezer’s “Black Album” to a tee. Rivers Cuomo and crew are back for their thirteenth...

Courtesy of Yippee Ki Yay Records.

1,000 Listens or Less: Abjects – “Never Give Up”

Nicole Moore March 9, 2019

There is something beautiful about a band featuring members from different parts of the world coming together to do two things and two things only, play loud music and kick ass on stage. Abjects is a three-piece...

This is Not the End by Spielbergs.

Spielbergs channel 2000’s emo on “This Is Not The End”

Nicole Moore, Assistant Content Producer February 8, 2019

There was a time not too long ago where emo-rock seemingly ruled. From the likes of Japandroids to Modern Baseball, at some point most American teens in the mid to late 2000’s were exposed to the suburban...

10,000 Listens or Less: Shmu - Lead Me to the Glow

10,000 Listens or Less: Shmu – “Lead Me to the Glow”

Nicole Moore February 1, 2019

If there was ever a moment to say “Is this music too weird for radio?” it probably came when Shmu’s “Lead Me to the Glow” fell into my lap late last year. Masterminded by Austin-based Sam...

The album cover for Illuminati Hotties Kiss Yr Frenemies. Courtesy of illuminati hotties.

Illuminati Hotties bring garage-rock-inspired indie alternative with “Kiss Yr Frenemies”

Nicole Moore, Assistant Music Director November 17, 2018

Every so often there comes an album that doesn’t seem all that interesting or different from it’s companions on the surface, but is actually a finely-tuned, great album deeper down. This is...

Blac Rabbit channel the Beatles on self-titled debut EP

Blac Rabbit channel the Beatles on self-titled debut EP

Nicole Moore November 1, 2018

Blac Rabbit is a Queens-based psychedelic band, coming at us with their self-titled debut EP. It’s practically against the rules to judge an album by its cover, but in this case, I did just that. With...

The cover of The Stress of Leisures Eruption Bounce. Courtesy Plus One Records.

1,000 Listens or Less: The Stress of Leisure’s “Eruption Bounce”

Nicole Moore, Assistant Music Director October 16, 2018

"Eruption Bounce" is the sixth studio album by Brisbane-based post-punk rockers The Stress of Leisure, bringing their own unique twist to an already decorated genre. The simple orange cover, void of anything...

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