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How to get the job

April 8, 2014

Florida continues to slash funds for schools


April 12, 2011

Tallahassee continues to slash the budget, but it looks like UNF might be spared the worst of it. With five weeks gone in the 2011 legislative session, the Florida House and Senate continue to tweak their differing budgets,...

Osprey Radio struggles to get on the air


August 17, 2010

Most students probably don’t realize, but we do have an on-campus radio station. It’s staffed and has a tech-savvy, brand new DJ room and news office. But the reason you don’t know Osprey Radio is because they are not streaming...

Florida senate bill to cut Bright Futures, legislation hopes to save it from burning out


March 30, 2010

The Florida Senate has cleared a bill which would reduce the payout from the Florida Bright Futures scholarship and require more from students initially seeking the scholarship. With state lottery revenue sagging, legislators...

Put your best Facebook forward, avoid employers passing up


January 12, 2010

Employers today look beyond résumés and scooping out social networking sites. No longer are they merely interested in education and volunteer experience, they want to get a sense of character. Entering the work force in today’s...

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