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Student orientation fees increased at AOC meeting

Brandon Thigpen September 24, 2014
The AOC meeting on Sept. 10 approved raising orientation fees for new students.

UNF Market Day features a burrito eating contest

Brandon Thigpen September 17, 2014
Moe's Southwest Grill sponsored a burrito eating contest today at UNF's Market Day. Twenty students, who previously signed up, competed in different waves with prizes ranging from Moe's Bucks to free burritos.

Man on the street: first week thoughts on parking, books, smoking initiative, and WOW

Brandon Thigpen August 29, 2014
This week’s Man on the Street features Brandon Thigpen talking to students about their experience with parking, the Week of Welcome, purchasing textbooks, and gets their opinion on the new smoking initiative.

Spinnaker FM radio and other funding approved in AOC meeting

Brandon Thigpen August 18, 2014
The Auxiliary Oversight Committee met on Aug. 13 to discuss several funding requests submitted by several UNF programs. Requests approved ranged from increased funding for music camps to Spinnaker Radio's request for a LPFM radio broadcast.

New head of enrollment services wants smarter students

Brandon Thigpen July 30, 2014
UNF's new Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, Albert Colom, has goals to improve the university's admission process, while continuing the admittance of high-achieving students into UNF. UNF's First Time in College freshmen and graduates respectively have higher test scores and first-year wages than other universities.

Man on the street: student experience at UNF

Brandon Thigpen July 17, 2014
This week’s Man on the Street features Brandon Thigpen talking to upper and underclassmen at UNF about their expectations and experiences.

B&A approves printing and Jaguar ticket exchange requests

Brandon Thigpen July 17, 2014
Student Government’s Free Printing Campaign special request was approved by the Budget and Allocations Committee, which included an amendment for transportation to Jaguars football games. Two travel requests were also approved.

Man on the street: how many UNF sports games have you been to?

Brandon Thigpen July 10, 2014
On this week's Man on the Street video segment, Brandon Thigpen gauges just how much students really know about sports at UNF.

Osprey Crossings shuttle stop approved and two Senate positions appointed

Brandon Thigpen July 9, 2014
Bills on changes to the club funding process and an additional shuttle stop by Osprey Crossings passed unanimously at the Senate meeting July 7. John Solar, political science senior, and True Rains, political science sophomore, were unanimously confirmed as an Associate Justice and the Elections Commissioner seat respectively.

Man on the street: which would you rather have?

Brandon Thigpen July 3, 2014
On this week's Man on the Street, reporter Brandon Thigpen asks students the hypothetical question, "Which would you rather have: free printing, half-price parking, more financial aid, or a football team?"

GOC approves new Senate appointment application process

Brandon Thigpen July 2, 2014
The GOC continued the old business from June 25th meeting concerning revisions to the Senate application process. The meeting concluded with an approval for reduced signature requirements, a mandatory code of ethics, and an additional portion called "Osprey-Voice-like" to the appointment application.

Newly established GOC holds first meeting and revises Senate Appointment Application

Brandon Thigpen June 30, 2014
The newly established Government Oversight Committee held their first meeting on June 25 to discuss revisions on Senate Appointment Application and future plans. The GOC's goal is to simplify and increase the efficiency of the appointment process for students interested in joining the Senate.

SG proposes to eliminate seats, simplifies elections process

Brandon Thigpen June 24, 2014

  Grad student senate seats may be eliminated, Government Oversight Committee created at Senate meeting June 9 A bill passed in the Senate Chambers on Monday night that alter the current...

Long sleeves and bug spray: Flies are on the rise this season

Brandon Thigpen June 23, 2014
UNF Environmental Center Ecologist Justin Lemmons and Assistant Director of Eco-Adventure Amy Costa share their insight on the bugs and pests that thrive on Florida wetland and ways to avoid them.

Man on the street: where’s the ideal place to study?

Brandon Thigpen June 19, 2014
On this week's Man on the Street, reporter Brandon Thigpen asks students about their ideal study spots on and off campus.

Yes, there are fish in those lakes

Brandon Thigpen June 17, 2014
The largemouth bass, also called a black bass, is a popular freshwater game fish known for its aggressive behavior. And let's not forget that Florida is the bass-fishing capital of the United States.

Man on the street: where do you eat on campus?

Brandon Thigpen June 12, 2014
On this week's Man on the Street, Brandon set out to find what student's thought about UNF's dining experience on campus.

Man on the street: let’s talk statues and student fees

Brandon Thigpen June 5, 2014
For this week's Man on the Street, Brandon went out to see what students had to say about where some of the student fee money was going and how they felt about a statue of Ozzie the Osprey.

Elle Baker flies through 3000m steeplechase at the NCAA Division 1 Track & Field East Preliminary

Brandon Thigpen June 2, 2014
Elle Baker, the only Osprey competing at the NCAA Division 1 Track & Field East Preliminary, placed 10th in the 3000m steeplechase and 31st overall of the 48 competing.

Trustees estimate new budget to meet decline of full-time enrollment

Brandon Thigpen May 29, 2014
UNF Board of Trustees met on May 22 to discuss the budget for the 2014-14 fiscal year while keeping in mind the changing numbers in full-time enrollment.

Track & Field NCAA Championship East Preliminary hosted by UNF

Brandon Thigpen May 27, 2014
UNF will host the NCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track and Field Championship East Preliminary competition at Hodges Stadium from May 29-31. One UNF athlete, Elle Baker, will be competing in the 3,000 meter steeplechase.

SG B&A committee refuses to vote on Spinnaker Radio fund request for required LPFM broadcast equipment

Brandon Thigpen May 27, 2014
Spinnaker Radio requested $38,978.43 from Student Government to fund the construction of a low-power FM (LPFM) radio station that could broadcast approximately in a 3.5 mile radius from campus. No other business was on the agenda for the B&A meeting Thursday evening.

Biological Sciences Building ranks ninth most environmentally friendly university building in the world

Brandon Thigpen May 21, 2014
The Biological Sciences Building with its state-of-the-art design and features has been ranked the 9th greenest building in the world by bestmastersdegrees.com.

Remembering Abraham ‘Abe’ Noel

Brandon Thigpen May 19, 2014
Abraham 'Abe' Noel was a member of UNF's track and field team with a trademark smile and persistence in his sport. Director Jeff Pigg and Assistant Coach share their experiences with the 20-year-old communications junior.

Will Hicks the omelette guy is a bright spot in the Osprey Cafe

Brandon Thigpen April 17, 2014
He’s armed with a blue apron, an arsenal of frying pans, and an assortment of fresh meats, veggies, and cheese. Faced with a dozen hungry students in pajamas who are semi-ready for their day, he asks: “Would you like regular eggs or egg-whites?”

How to get the job

Brandon Thigpen April 8, 2014
Here are some tips for composing a resume from Rick Roberts and Rob Jenkins, career writer for the Chronicle of Higher Education and Associate Professor at Georgia Perimeter College.

UNFPD prepared for marijuana at Wiz Khalifa concert

Brandon Thigpen April 4, 2014
UNFPD is preparing for lots of weed to be circulating around the Wiz Khalifa in light of the artists purported love of the plant.

Osprey Cafe evacuated for gas leak

Brandon Thigpen April 1, 2014
UNFPD evacuated students and employees from Osprey Cafe at 10 p.m. because of a gas leak.

Club CHIC uses fashion to spread body image awareness

Brandon Thigpen March 31, 2014
Couture Helps Inspire Charity, a UNF organization, organizes runway events with guest speakers to raise awareness for body image issues, allow students to learn more about the fashion industry, and promote self confidence.

SG committee passes yearly budget with some changes

Brandon Thigpen February 12, 2014
A new process for student clubs to request funds was approved, and the 2014-15 A&S fee budget was passed with three amendments.

Half of Travel Request index allocated to three requests

Brandon Thigpen February 3, 2014
Out of the $10,000 moved to the Travel Request index since it was depleted, the B&A Committee approved $5,529 for three requests.

Fassi announces Red Party Chair resignation

Brandon Thigpen January 28, 2014
Student Body President Carlo Fassi announced he was stepping down as Red Party Chair.

Senate meeting results in VP appointment

Brandon Thigpen January 28, 2014
Tony Stevens was appointed Vice President and a University and Student Affairs Committee was formed.

Special Request fund supplements Travel Request fund, and more

Brandon Thigpen January 14, 2014
After a $1,170 travel request was granted and travel funds depleted, a bill was passed to transfer $10,000 from the Special Request Index to the Travel Request Index.

Jan. 6 Senate brief

Brandon Thigpen January 7, 2014
Attorney General Paige Lehman stepped down, a new Associate Justice was confirmed and times for committee meetings this Spring are set.

Student Government holds back-to-back meetings

Brandon Thigpen December 9, 2013
A whole bunch of meetings. SG meeting times to change for Spring 2014.

Student Advocacy Committee meeting Nov. 25

Brandon Thigpen November 26, 2013
The Student Advocacy Committee approved a new Osprey Voice survey that will be conducted on campus Nov. 26-27.

Budget & Allocations Nov. 22

Brandon Thigpen November 22, 2013
No Budget & Allocations meeting, because there was no new business, but two meetings were scheduled - A Student Advocacy Committee meeting and an emergency B&A meeting.

Budget & Allocations meeting cancelled

Brandon Thigpen November 18, 2013
The Nov. 15 Budget & Allocations meeting was cancelled because there were no new requests to discuss or vote on.

Budget & Allocations Oct. 1

Brandon Thigpen November 3, 2013
Where your money's going.

Who votes for what

Brandon Thigpen October 31, 2013
Recent voting on a referendum could change which students can vote for what.

B&A chair signs false

Brandon Thigpen October 15, 2013
Fransua Estrada is not longer serving as the Budget & Allocations Chairman due to signing Aaron Anderson and Justin Turner’s attendance records for a meeting Oct. 4.

Senate highlights Oct. 11

Brandon Thigpen October 11, 2013
The senate passed a travel request of $2,465 for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers to attend a conference.

Exposed metal cuts student

Brandon Thigpen September 13, 2013
A student cut his foot while playing ultimate frisbee on the Green.
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