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As a part of the Barnes Initiative, they post a picture and profile of a women in STEM every month in female restrooms.

Women in STEM at UNF

March 3, 2019

EVE Awards shine light on 2 UNF professors

Gordon Rhyne

June 28, 2012

The Florida Times-Union spotlighted two UNF figures Friday, June 1, at the 43rd annual EVE Awards. The event, which recognizes Jacksonville women, included a keynote from Distinguished Visiting Scholar Nancy Soderberg, as well...

Editorial: Florida Universities talk Ivy

Greg Parlier

April 9, 2012

It is safer to have the whole people respectably enlightened than a few in a high state of science and the many in ignorance. --Thomas Jefferson If you thought a 15 percent tuition differential increase was tough to stomach, just be ...

Alumna benefits from chem degree, supports STEM majors

Dargan Thompson

April 8, 2012

By: Dargan Thompson, Assistant Features Editor As a chemistry student at UNF, Kami Carter focused on her studies and worked hard. Her hard work paid off. When Carter graduated in 2008 with a degree in chemistry, she already had a job lined up at Naval Air Systems Command. She has cont...

Scott Letter to Delaney

October 20, 2011

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