EVE Awards shine light on 2 UNF professors

Gordon Rhyne

The Florida Times-Union spotlighted two UNF figures Friday, June 1, at the 43rd annual EVE Awards.

The event, which recognizes Jacksonville women, included a keynote from Distinguished Visiting Scholar Nancy Soderberg, as well as the award for education going to Dr. Kris Webb, director of the UNF Disabilities Resource Center.
Webb, who is also a professor in the department of exceptional deaf and interpreter education, said the award shows the progress that has been made on behalf of students with disabilities.
During her time as director, the number of students enrolled has tripled to almost 800, and the number of students graduating each year has gone from 11 to 96. The average GPA for students in the program is above a 3.0.
While progress has been made in many areas, her overall goals for the program remain the same.
Webb said her main goals include removing the stigma involved with disabilities and ensuring the center receives ample funding. The center moved into a new facility in the Spring semester, but a bigger budget is needed to adequately operate it.
Webb said future plans for the program include expanding the support for students with autism, where they have begun a new program called Thrive.
Webb said she strives for equal access for all groups of people, especially women.
Soderberg, who gave the keynote address at the EVE Awards, also represents women’s progress in current events. From 1993 to 1997, she served as the third highest-ranking official in the United States National Security Council.
The EVE Awards are focused on promoting the involvement of women in current issues, especially in Jacksonville. They award winners in the fields of education, employment and volunteer service.