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UNF currently has over 200 registered clubs and student organizations. For full list, check out Club Alliance's page. Photo courtesy Club Alliance Facebook
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Spinnaker’s guide to UNF clubs

Though college life could be hectic with credit hours and study sessions, there are over 200 clubs and student organizations for students to join and perhaps engage outside of academics. Spinnaker’s guide to UNF clubs highlights several clubs that might spark your interest.

Does anybody care that there hasn’t been an SG election this year?
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Does anybody care that there hasn’t been an SG election this year?

Elections were supposed to take take place the week of March 3, but an election requires candidates, competition, and interest – all of which were lacking.

The SG president also ran unopposed this year. This makes the second year in a row without a presidential election.

Last year, a candidate competing for the presidency was disqualified for not filling out the paperwork correctly.

Stop cramming and get some sleep. Despite the college tradition of all-nighters, research says that sleep is vital for cognitive success and memory.

Sleep debt can cost students a lot

What researchers call “sleep debt” is proven to decrease your memory and learning ability. The infamous all-nighter: intended to help you make a better grade on tomorrow’s exam by skipping out on sleep to cram in the information that’s been sitting untouched. Despite the countless people who’ve tried to convince […]