Police Beat, Feb. 8

Maggie Seppi

Jan. 31 Missing Cellphone (Building 39) – The victim said he arrived at class and put his phone in his right front pocket but forgot to zip it closed. The victim left class and found his phone was missing. He checked the classroom and notified his instructor, who also looked in the classroom, but did not find the phone. The victim said the phone fell out of his pocket and he notified Apple of the missing phone. He activated a trace, so when the phone is powered up, he will be notified. The officer and the victim checked lost and found with negative results. The victim gave the officer the serial number of the phone and said no one turned it on yet.


Jan. 31 Cellphone Theft (Building 12) – The victim said she was at Osprey Plaza when she remembered placing her cell phone on a chair while signing up for a campus event. She left the area and noticed she did not have her cell phone. The victim went to her office and turned on the phone’s tracking system.The victim said she tracked the phone for a period of time and locked the phone, so the person in possession of the device cannot operate it without knowing the password. The victim called the phone several times and sent three text messages asking for it to be returned, but no one answered. The officer had another officer drive to the location and attempt to find the telephone. The officer did not hear back from the officer who went to locate the telephone. The case is not cleared.


Jan. 31 Damaged Vehicle (Osprey Fountains Parking Lot) – The complainant said she and a friend returned to campus Jan. 31 in her friend’s vehicle, which they parked next to her own vehicle. Upon parking, the complainant noticed a long key scratch on the passenger’s side door. The complainant said her vehicle had been parked in the spot since Jan. 30, and there was no damage to her vehicle at that time. No canvass was conducted due to the isolated nature of the parking lot. Patrol efforts have been suspended.


Feb. 1 Backpack Theft (Building 41) – The complainant said he went to the Arena to work out. He said he placed his backpack on the floor of one of the racket ball courts along with several other backpacks. The complainant said after he worked out, he returned to the room to retrieve his backpack and noticed it was missing. He said he looked around but could not find it. A canvass was conducted, but the backpack was not located.


Feb. 2 Amplifier Theft (Building 44) – The victim was loading musical equipment into his vehicle from the Fine Arts Center when the theft occurred. The investigation revealed unknown person(s) entered the victim’s unlocked utility vehicle and removed an amplifier, which was in the rear bed of the vehicle. The victim said he left his vehicle unlocked and unattended for approximately five minutes and discovered the item missing upon his return. Two officers searched the area, but the unknown suspect(s) had fled. There was no forced entry into the vehicle and no physical evidence to be processed. The victim was provided with a case information card. Patrol efforts have been suspended.


Feb. 3 Intoxicated Person (Osprey Cove) – An officer met with the complainant and the intoxicated student. The complainant said the student was dropped off at her dorm by some friends, who said she had consumed too much alcohol. The officer observed the student laying in her dorm bed and attempted to communicate with her, but she was unresponsive, and a strong odor of alcohol emanated from her. The student was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital for further evaluation and treatment. The officer recommended the student be referred to Student Conduct.