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Students, ROTC and fitness instructors go head to head

Maggie Seppi November 29, 2012

UNF's Pros vs. Joes event, held at the Student Wellness Complex Nov. 19, featured a challenge where students and ROTC faced off against the complex's fitness instructors. Photos courtesy of Dan Scanlan,...

UPD investigating report of sexual assault, Aug. 31 update: false report

Maggie Seppi August 31, 2012
The female UNF student who claimed she was sexually assaulted in the women’s locker room of the Student Wellness Complex last week has admitted to police she made up the story. The UPD has charged her with filing a false police report.

Update: UNF student falsifies Fine Arts Center garage robbery report

Maggie Seppi August 6, 2012
The UNF student who said she was robbed by two masked men in the Fine Arts parking garage last week admitted to police today she fabricated the story, according to an Osprey Update email sent out earlier this morning. She has been charged with filing a false police report.

Alleged rape victim speaks out on April battery incident

Maggie Seppi July 9, 2012
Emily, 17, and her parents are unhappy with how long it has taken the state to solve the case. She said she’s scared to leave her house, in case she sees the alleged suspects in public.

Parking services, UPD prepare for influx of UNF visitors

Maggie Seppi May 24, 2012

As the athletes and attendees settle in for the first evening of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Track and Field Meet, UNF is prepared to accommodate for the additional people and cars. Parking...

Police Beat, April 11

Maggie Seppi April 18, 2012

April 8 Marijuana Possession (Osprey Cove) - An officer noticed the smell of marijuana emanating from a room. Upon requesting permission to enter, the resident appeared extremely agitated and told the...

Matt Brockelman reflects on his year as Student Body President

Maggie Seppi April 18, 2012

By: Maggie Seppi, Assistant News Editor Four years ago, Matt Brockelman had no idea he would run for UNF student body president. Then, he did and he won. He sat down with the Spinnaker to tell us...

Police Beat, April 4

Maggie Seppi April 9, 2012

By: Maggie Seppi, Assistant News Editor April 2 Alleged Hazing (Jacksonville Beach) - Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Laura Fox called UPD and relayed information regarding an alleged hazing...

News Analysis: UNF professors, on-campus organizations give their take on the shooting of Sanford teenager Treyvon Martin

Maggie Seppi April 9, 2012

By: Maggie Seppi, Assistant News Editor Having caught national attention, the shooting of Trayvon Martin prompted the public to consider the racial tension in Martin’s case, as well as in similar...

Police Beat, March 28

Maggie Seppi April 6, 2012

March 20 Marijuana Use (Osprey Fountains) - Officers observed the suspect, who appeared to be smoking marijuana from a bong, standing in his dorm room window. The suspect gave the officers permission to...

UNF Board of Trustees approves 15% increase to tuition differential

Maggie Seppi April 6, 2012
President John Delaney explains the decision, students consider their academic futures

Professors by class time, authors by vacation time

Maggie Seppi March 22, 2012
Four UNF professors talk about the books they’ve written in their spare time -- some used in their classes and some not used in classes.

Police Beat, March 21

Maggie Seppi March 21, 2012

March 5 Suspicious Bathroom Poetry (Library) - A suspicious message was found written on the inside of the fourth floor bathroom wall stall. The message read, “You shattered my heart to be with her,...

Police Beat, Feb. 29

Maggie Seppi March 2, 2012

Feb. 20 Damaged Property (Building 41) - An officer noticed some type of motor-driven vehicle damaged a sign in front of the UPD building. There were no car or truck indentations on the grass near the...

Faulty INTELLIKEYs result in campus safety concerns among students and faculty

Maggie Seppi February 22, 2012
INTELLIKEY incident brings about questioning of company’s programming process and causes student mistrust.

Police Beat, Feb. 22

Maggie Seppi February 22, 2012

  Feb. 14 Physical Altercation (Lot 11) - An officer was flagged down by Complainant No. 1 who said Complainant No. 2 was riding his skateboard on the bridge between Osprey Cove and Osprey Landing...

Police Beat, Feb. 15

Maggie Seppi February 15, 2012

Feb. 7 Marijuana Possession and Use (Lot 11) - An officer was conducting a vehicle patrol of Lot 11 when he smelled burning marijuana. The officer noticed two males leaning against a truck and proceeded...

Fraternity and Sorority Life suspends UNF chapter of Pi Kappa Phi for hazing

Maggie Seppi February 13, 2012
Zeta Zeta chapter suspended as the investigation continues.

Facebook goes public, files to enter the stock market this Spring

Maggie Seppi February 11, 2012
Facebook could become the largest Internet initial public offering ever. Find out what this means for the company and its users.

Police Beat, Feb. 8

Maggie Seppi February 11, 2012

Jan. 31 Missing Cellphone (Building 39) - The victim said he arrived at class and put his phone in his right front pocket but forgot to zip it closed. The victim left class and found his phone was missing....

Police Beat, Feb. 1

Maggie Seppi February 2, 2012

Jan. 24 Criminal Mischief (Fine Arts Center Parking Garage) – An officer met with a victim who had been attempting to park her car in the garage. The victim and another individual had been waiting for...

Large men in suits

Maggie Seppi February 2, 2012
One Spinnaker writer got to watch the GOP Debate live inside the Lazzara Performance Hall.

Pardon the Interruption

Maggie Seppi February 1, 2012
UNF students and faculty were satisfied with how smoothly the GOP debate went on campus, with the exception of a few minor inconveniences.

Students face an additional $2.06 per credit hour for the 2012-2013 school year

Maggie Seppi January 17, 2012
The Spinnaker breaks down the increase in student fees.

UNiFied Fridays ushers in spring nice and easy

Maggie Seppi January 17, 2012
UNiFied Fridays kick off for the semester with Neptune Beach’s Be Easy.

Former UNF student sentenced to 11 years

Maggie Seppi December 19, 2011
Former UNF student Derek Lee Mrasak was sentenced to 11 years in the Florida Department of Corrections followed by nine years of drug offender probation Dec. 7, in connection with a hit-and-run fatality that occurred Oct. 16, 2010.

Role of standardized testing in the classroom called into question

Maggie Seppi November 16, 2011
Teachers put testing to the test - Educators attest a ‘teaching to the test’ curriculum can be a deterrent to students’ success

UNF professor resigns after child abuse conviction

Maggie Seppi November 9, 2011
UNF professor resigns - Former UNF professor convicted of child abuse charges.

Florida's Water Crisis

Maggie Seppi October 6, 2011

By: Maggie Seppi Even in the wake of the green movement, water conservation has been pushed to the back burner - a trend that may prove detrimental to our generation if it continues. The pumping of groundwater...

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