Commentary: Sanctuary plans leave out many students


After high school graduation, making the choice to attend college can help you mature not only in your knowledge and understanding of subjects, but also in the five main essences of your being: physical, psychological, social, mental and spiritual.

UNF has done its best thus far to cater to all areas of its student’s lives.

We are provided with a variety of fitness centers, classes and exercise fields to improve our overall physical health. The counseling and advising centers are open to students seeking emotional or psychological aid. There are innumerable social, academic and sports clubs, which create a sense of community to improve our social lives. And all our courses in general work to increase our mental capabilities.

With the last area of spirituality, students are welcome to create and/or join any religious club on campus, which create a sense of community within each religion. And recent plans to build a religious sanctuary on campus would seem to provide even another outlet for students to explore their spirituality.

That is, if you define your spirituality by your religion. But not everyone does.

Just as our student population is diverse, so are our beliefs about how we should live. And although religion is commonly tied together with spirituality, some students might not consider religion a necessity to have peace with their own spirituality.

And this particular group of students would be exactly who the future religious sanctuary would be excluding.

The funding for the religious sanctuary is proposed to be provided by religious organizations on campus and in our area. This is assuming these religious groups have extra dollars to throw around.

The plan is for each contributing religion to have its own worship area. Will this leave all the remaining members of the thousands of other religions stuck to share the same worship room, yet not the same practices or beliefs?

And that is exactly the problem with providing a plan to accommodate thousands of different religions in one building.

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