UNF merchandise now sold at local Target stores

Clayton Tinkle

Three Target stores in close proximity to campus will begin to carry UNF apparel.
Photo by Clayton Tinkle

National retail chain Target has added UNF branded merchandise to its shelves, including an assortment of t-shirts, polos, fleeces and hats.

The merchandise can be found in three Target stores, including the St. Johns Town Center, Beach Boulevard and the Jacksonville Beach locations.

Town Center Human Resource Representative Beth Duty has mixed feelings about UNF merchandise being on the store’s shelves.

“I definitely think our store should have more of a selection for customers, but I’m not convinced it would boost our stores sales a noticeable amount,” Duty said.

The UNF merchandise display is only an eight foot section in the Town Center location, which is the smallest for university apparel in the store.

Although Duty said sales weren’t likely to benefit, she thinks differently of the brand’s potential impact on the community.

“I think the addition of the merchandise will be a great way for the UNF brand to reach the community, specifically students and alumni,” Duty said.

Duty said she isn’t sure if merchandise availability would expand to other stores, as that depends on sales at current locations.

Any profits from sales made bypass the universities and go straight to Target, which Duty said she doesn’t agree with.

Pricing at Target and the UNF Bookstore are relatively similar. A basic men’s polo shirt runs about $35 at the UNF Bookstore, and a comparable shirt at Target is about $30.

Knowing Target also sells UNF branded clothing, students seem to be on the fence about where to shop to show their school spirit.

Communication sophomore Charlotte Kennedy said the bookstore has more of a variety, but she sees Target as a convenient alternative. And she said she doesn’t worry about UNF losing out in potential profits.

“If I like a shirt, I don’t think about who gets profits, I just buy it,” Kennedy said.

Pre-med junior Lynsie Lowe agreed that the bookstore has more variety, but said she would rather support UNF.

“I had no idea Target even carried UNF clothing,” Lowe said. “ But I would rather shop at the bookstore, so UNF benefits from the sale.”