Video Tour: new dining hall set for grand opening on Friday, soft launch this Monday

Justin Chandler Porter

Korey Konapasek, Chartwells’ director of operations at UNF, gives the Spinnaker a tour of the new dining hall. Watch the video above to find out what they’ll be dishing out starting this Friday, Aug. 17.

But people don’t have to wait until Friday to chow down in the new dining hall. The building will have a soft opening starting Monday, allowing prospective diners to try the new food and see the building’s interior for $5 per day, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. According to Osprey Update, the following food stations will be open:

Monday, Aug. 13: Open stations, Hearth Stone Ovens and The Grille
Tuesday, Aug. 14: Open stations, The Kitchen (home-style) and Baker’s Crust (breads, deli, panini and desserts)
Wednesday, Aug. 15: Open stations, Baker’s Crust and Hearth Stone Ovens
Thursday, Aug. 16: Open stations, The Kitchen, Baker’s Crust, Fresh Market (salad bar) and My Pantry (breakfast items and fruit).

Video shot by Justin Chandler Porter and D’Anthony Davezan, edited by Hali Harden