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Talk Derby to me

Justin Chandler Porter June 18, 2013
The Jacksonville RollerGirls, known for their brutal athleticism and flat-track venues, visited the UNF Arena June 8 for a double-header, including a battle of the sexes against the nation’s #4 male derby team.

Professor emeritus honored for communication contributions

Justin Chandler Porter June 9, 2013
The Spinnaker turned 35 this year, and those who helped pioneer the paper’s legacy will not be soon forgotten.

Jax Jazz Festival in full swing

Justin Chandler Porter May 24, 2013
Two UNF alumni and local jazz enthusiasts, Lisa Kelly and J.B. Scott, will be hosting the ‘Round Midnight Jazz Jam’ sessions at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival with the Kelly Scott Quintet at the Jacksonville Landing May 24 from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Saving tons of Waste: Technology transforms trash collection on campus

Justin Chandler Porter February 20, 2013

UNF is literally saving tons in natural resources and money thanks to its technologically streamlined recycling process, according to Robert McCracken, manager of the Physical Facilities department. McCracken...

Donors, philanthropists give old buildings new names

Justin Chandler Porter December 3, 2012
Changes in the names of buildings could confuse students, but to UNF officials, it’s all a part of developing campus.

Osprey Challenge Course busier than it looks

Justin Chandler Porter November 26, 2012
The ropes facility may seem empty when you drive by it, but the new Osprey Challenge Course may see more participants by January.

Fast food campus: Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s bill takes the next step

Justin Chandler Porter October 24, 2012
After opposition at Senate meetings and a rewriting of the bill, the move to change the shape of campus dining propels.

Senate approves more than half of SG special request budget to fund initiatives

Justin Chandler Porter October 2, 2012
How’s the Senate allocating money that provides services to students? And how much of that money is left?

4 false police reports in past calendar year reap steep consequences

Justin Chandler Porter September 25, 2012
Although some students may think filing false police reports is the only way out of certain situations, they may be completely unaware of the criminal charges they could face. UNF has seen four incidents of false police reports since October 2011.

Students express mixed views over new shuttle route system

Justin Chandler Porter September 11, 2012
To the surprise of many, the shuttle routes on campus have seen stark changes than in previous years. And while some students and residents have had complaints, others have express praise for the new routes.

Update: Muggy Florida drives bugs indoors

Justin Chandler Porter September 4, 2012
Apartments and homes see a spike in pests in Florida’s rainy season, but what does that mean for student residential complexes? The Spinnaker spotlighted resident concerns at The Flats at Kernan, an apartment complex owned by the Ambling Management Company, in July.

Former IBM engineer, now professor for 13 years sees electrical future for engineering students

Justin Chandler Porter September 3, 2012
UNF professors in the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction dole out their perspective on the job market for engineering students. And, by the sound of it, it doesn’t look dull.

A Preview Walkthrough of the New Wellness Center

Justin Chandler Porter August 15, 2012

The new Student Wellness Complex, located at the north end of the loop next to the Arena and the Aquatic Center, Opens August 17, and is free to currently-enrolled UNF Students and Full-time Faculty...

Video Tour: new dining hall set for grand opening on Friday, soft launch this Monday

Justin Chandler Porter August 11, 2012
Korey Konapasek, Chartwells director of operations at UNF, gives the Spinnaker a tour of the new dining hall. Click on this article to find out what they'll be dishing out starting this fall.

Nature bugs Flats residents

Justin Chandler Porter July 18, 2012
Students living at Kernan Flats want their unwanted guests exterminated for good.

UNF investigates Housing data breach

Justin Chandler Porter July 6, 2012
University compensates students for data breach with identity theft memberships.

Osprey Challenge Course to open in fall

Justin Chandler Porter July 5, 2012
Osprey Challenge Course gets its first visitors.

NCAA Day 2: Women’s pole vaulting, men’s hammer throw take center stage

Justin Chandler Porter May 25, 2012

The second day of the NCAA’s Division 1 East Preliminary Round began Friday, May 25, at UNF’s Hodges Stadium, with college fans from all over the country coming to support their athletes. An...

Men ‘Walk a Mile’ in women’s shoes

Justin Chandler Porter April 18, 2012
Men wore high heels to get a feel for what it’s like to be in a woman’s shoes.

Mayor Brown holds series of Student Workshops Workshops to help potential Florida college students apply

Justin Chandler Porter April 6, 2012

By: Justin C. Porter, Contributing Writer Mayor Alvin Brown announced Feb. 29 a series of upcoming workshops designed to help students apply to colleges and complete the Free Application for Federal...

Jacksonville rock ‘n’ roll outfit deems itself Fit for Rivals

Justin Chandler Porter March 7, 2012
Rock group Fit for Rivals tells about its record-label independence and its airtime on WWE broadcasts and movies.

Duval Court Judge to speak at UNF

Justin Chandler Porter March 7, 2012

By: Justin Chandler Porter, Contributing Writer   Duval County Court Judge Angela M. Cox will be speaking at UNF’s Student Union Ballroom March 7. Cox was appointed in 2005 by Governor...

Bill that silences universities’ voices reaches compromise

Justin Chandler Porter March 1, 2012
Florida Student Association to reform under a council-like structure.

University Controller Floyd Hurst passes away

Justin Chandler Porter February 22, 2012

By: Justin Chandler Porter, Contributing Writer   Floyd Hurst, 66, passed away Feb. 16 at his home in Ormond Beach, Fla. with his family by his side.   Hurst, who served as the University...

Dean’s List letters no longer mailed to some UNF students

Justin Chandler Porter February 19, 2012
Some students are wondering what happened to letters they used to receive in the mail for making a 3.5 GPA per semester. Find out what happened to them.
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