Commentary: Our Two Sense – April 1


Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Rebecca McKinnon
Staff Writer
Meghan Dornbrock
Web Editor
Klajdi Stratoberdha
Business Manager
Where would be the perfect place for a new art project on campus (one that didn’t cause a bomb scare, of course)?
They might as well kill two birds (Ospreys) with one shrimp – with a chainsaw that is. A 20-by-20 foot gold statue of UNF’s new logo (a shrimp holding a chainsaw) should be sculpted and placed in the center of the Green. To be honest, most of the buildings on campus are kind of boring and brown. A huge mural or spray-painted masterpiece would be fun to walk by as I’m on my way to class. A giant hedge maze on the Green. If hedges aren’t practical, make it out of bales of hay – as long as it’s too high to see over. It’s no fun if you can cheat. The Spinnaker logo, a giant sailboat, should be placed inside the hall of the new Student Union Building to represent the university’s main media outlet. You won’t be able to pass through until you pick up the latest issue.