Police Beat week Jan. 9

Catherine Byerly

Dec. 17 Marijuana Possession (Skate park) – An officer was dispatched to the skate park in reference to suspicious activity. When the officer arrived he watched a vehicle flee and then park behind the tree line near central parkway.  The officer then approached the abandoned vehicle and reported a strong smell of marijuana.  The suspect attempted to hide in the woods but then returned to the vehicle. The suspect allowed UPD to search his vehicle where two pipes were found. The items were placed in the JSO  property room.

Dec. 27 Injured Person (Building 50) – An officer met with a complainant who was injured in a lab. Emergency rescue responded due to lacerations on the student’s eyelids and right hand.  The student was able to communicate with rescue to confirm he was not working with any chemicals.  The student was taken to the Mayo Clinic hospital for further treatment.

Dec. 29 Sick Person (Fountains) – An officer met with a complainant who said he had passed out and hit his head.  The complainant was able to speak clearly said he had been smoking a hookah earlier before passing out in the lobby. Emergency response evaluated the student and took him to St Luke’s Hospital for further treatment.

Jan. 3 Damaged Property (Building 6) – An officer met with a employee who said that his assigned golf cart had been damaged.  The employee noticed the damage to the windshield and front frame when he arrived to work in the morning. There are currently no suspects.

Jan. 7 Theft (Lot 11) – An officer met with a complainant who said his cell phone had been stolen.  The complainant said he was in lot 11 when a man in a red vehicle stopped and asked to borrow his cell phone.  Once the suspect had the phone in hand he sped away onto UNF Drive.  The case has been suspended until further information on the suspect can be obtained.