Leftover Cuties (with Real Job) – August 10th Underbelly

Mason McGough

Leftover Cuties

Earnest sentiments in music are certainly something worth appreciating. For an artist that chooses to forgo guileful pessimism and cryptic symbology, self-reflective statements of positivity are perhaps a more audacious statement than the darkest notions about longevity or listlessness.

Leftover Cuties have an instantly recognizable parlor-floor sound, the kind that references the classic innocence of Vaudeville show tunes with an updated Camera Obscura-like style of baroque pop songwriting. Recently they wrote a song called “Smile Big” that was featured in a Samsung commercial. Maybe you heard it this summer?

Ultimately it’s not the kind of music that you’ll spend hours studying after, but while it lasts you can be thankful for the sincere charm and passion you’ll find in Leftover Cuties’ songwriting.

See the show on August 10th at Underbelly