Gun possibly pulled on campus

Rebecca Rodriguez

A student reported that a a gun was pulled in garage 38.
The alleged aggravated assault was reported to UPD at 11:52 a.m. on Oct. 23. The suspect was described as a white male.
Chief Charles Strudel said UPD interviewed the suspect and the victim and will further investigate this report, but the suspect will not be charged because there were no other witnesses.

Oct. 24 update

The victim claimed that he was driving on the 4th floor of the parking garage when a black Volkswagen, came at him from the wrong direction. The victim said he asked the suspect to turn around, but the suspect said “no” and “don’t hit my car.”

The victim said he attempted to move, but could not get out of the suspect’s way.

They argued and the victim said the suspect produced a small black handgun with white sights, showed it to the victim, and said “Move, or I’ll put 5 caps in your shit.”

The victim said he backed up his vehicle and left the area and later called the police.

UPD interviewed the suspect and the victim positively identified him. The suspect was cooperative with the police’s requests, according to UPD’s report.

The suspect stated that the victim argued with him initially and exited his vehicle. The victim then approaching him, called him an idiot, and told him to move his Volkswagen out of the way of traffic.

The suspect said he did not have a firearm, and consented to a search of his vehicle. Officers also searched the entire parking garage and the surrounding areas. No property resembling a black firearm was found.

The suspect, a student of the Jacksonville Institute of Art, said he was on campus due to an event at the Student Union Building. He was given a Trespass Warning from campus.

After verbally acknowledging the warning and its requirements, he was escorted off campus.

The case was suspended as officers were unable to confirm that a crime actually occurred.

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