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All content by Rebecca Rodriguez

Students, faculty, and staff dispute efficacy of advising at UNF

Rebecca Rodriguez April 18, 2014
"With the highest student to advisor ratio, UNF has 500 to 600 students per advisor," said Dr. Jeffrey Coker, Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Skate park closed from July till pilot program starts

Rebecca Rodriguez April 15, 2014
As it stands, the skate park will be closed this summer, starting July 1, and Student Affairs is now trying to get funding to have it open by Fall 2014.

Students with chickenpox isolated to stop spread

Rebecca Rodriguez April 8, 2014
Two students will not be allowed in the general area of the dorms and other parts of UNF to prevent a chicken pox outbreak

Budget and Allocations Feb. 17

Rebecca Rodriguez March 3, 2014
The Budget and Allocations Committee denied two requests and passed legislation that restructures the way student organizations will request funding.

Thefts at the Wellness Complex, and more

Rebecca Rodriguez February 26, 2014
Three thefts at the Student Wellness Complex, a student who drank too much at the Homecoming game, and more.

Student reports hate crime

Rebecca Rodriguez February 19, 2014
A hate crime was reported after a male suspect assaulted and verbally threatened a transgender student in a bathroom on Feb. 6. The incident was not reported until Feb. 14.

Student reports sexual battery

Rebecca Rodriguez February 19, 2014
A female student reported an unknown male suspect came into her dorm and bit her neck.

Unlicensed driver arrested, and truck fire extinguished

Rebecca Rodriguez February 19, 2014

The following information is all according to UNFPD reports. Theft (Bldg 9) - Feb. 11 Items: a 15” grey and silver colored Asus laptop, a black laptop case, a pair of white Apple headphones,...

UNFPD seeks information on string of thefts

Rebecca Rodriguez February 14, 2014
UNFPD posted an alert on their website asking for assistance in identifying two suspects involved in multiple burglaries and thefts that happened on campus.

Employee reports fraudulent money transfer

Rebecca Rodriguez February 13, 2014
An unknown suspect misled a private campus employee into giving him access to her work computer, and then transferred money to a Visa gift card.

Third damaged water fountain, and more

Rebecca Rodriguez February 13, 2014
More broken water fountains and a Notice To Appear issued for possession of marijuana.

Student reports sexual assault

Rebecca Rodriguez February 13, 2014

The following information is according to a UNFPD report. An officer was dispatched to UNF Police Department Building 14 on Feb. 11 to meet with a student victim regarding a sexual assault investigation. The...

Three thefts, and possible fraud

Rebecca Rodriguez February 9, 2014

The following information is all according to UNFPD reports. Theft (Bldg. 45) - Feb. 3 Items: Wallet, Student ID, Florida Driver’s License, Wells Fargo Debit and Credit Card, Visa, and Mastercard....

Three officers detain combative driver for DUI

Rebecca Rodriguez February 7, 2014
Three officers detain and arrest Lawrence Carlton Sibley II for DUI.

Online ISQs are here to stay

Rebecca Rodriguez February 6, 2014
UNF switched to online ISQs last semester and is sticking with it, hoping to see higher response rates as people are more aware of the switch.

Sigma Chi branded with hazing accusation

Rebecca Rodriguez January 22, 2014
Hazing allegations were leveled at the Kappa Beta chapter of Sigma Chi after one member used a coat hanger and blowtorch to brand a pledge on the butt.

UNF student Daniel Orlandi dies

Rebecca Rodriguez January 9, 2014
Daniel Orlandi, a UNF student, died Jan. 6 of a gunshot wound.

Golf player Tess Huber dies in plane crash

Rebecca Rodriguez December 9, 2013
UNF student and golf player Tess Rochelle Huber, 20, was killed in a plane crash Dec. 8. She was with her father and sister.

Health care benefits made available for students working on campus

Rebecca Rodriguez December 6, 2013
Students working on campus could qualify for health care benefits. Starting Jan. 1, 2014, Florida state employees must receive healthcare from their employer if they work over 30 hours a week, according to the 1802 Florida Senate Bill by the Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability.

Three auditors and a university

Rebecca Rodriguez November 22, 2013
UNF has three internal auditors. Director of Internal Auditing Robert Berry said he may see the need for more in the future.

Parking: Why now?

Rebecca Rodriguez November 14, 2013
A $7 million parking garage is being built next semester -- something President John Delaney did not see the need for in June.

Will Cooper: remembered

Rebecca Rodriguez November 5, 2013
Student Danielle King talks about the night her boyfriend, William Cooper, died and the aftermath.

Male student dies in Halloween motorcycle crash

Rebecca Rodriguez November 4, 2013
UNF student William Cooper passed away Oct. 31.

New water filling stations available around campus

Rebecca Rodriguez October 30, 2013

You don’t have to run to the bathroom to fill your water bottle anymore -- there are filling stations for that now. Physical Facilities finished installing 18 new hydration water stations Oct....

Gun possibly pulled on campus

Rebecca Rodriguez October 23, 2013
A student reports a gun was pulled out on campus.

UNF favors Crist

Rebecca Rodriguez October 22, 2013
A poll was conducted on campus revealing Charlie Crist leading Gov. Rick Scott by 5 percent.

UNF student arrested in child sex sting

Rebecca Rodriguez October 21, 2013
UNF student Jared Snow was arrested for involvement in a Clay County child sex sting.

Campus voyeurism court update

Rebecca Rodriguez October 10, 2013
Joshua Hott plead not guilty on charges of video voyeurism.

A question of state control

Rebecca Rodriguez October 9, 2013
“I think the university board of trustees knows what’s best for our institution. That’s why the [Board of Governors] originally delegated [authority] out to the schools… they know the heartbeat of our campus,” Carlo Fassi, student body president, said.

Parking lot security cameras not for recognizing faces

Rebecca Rodriguez October 4, 2013
After a series of burglaries in Lots 55 and 10, UPD was unable to identify any suspects, although there was security footage of the crime scene.

Students represent for world peace

Rebecca Rodriguez September 19, 2013
On Sept. 19, UNF held its third annual International Day of Peace celebration at the Student Union. The main goal through this event was to raise awareness for the need for world peace.

Environmental artwork on display on Lufrano

Rebecca Rodriguez August 28, 2013
Pastel artist Richard Lundgren’s work captures scenes of nature that he sees disappearing as the environment changes. These scenes can now be seen at the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery in an exhibition titled Disappearing Landscapes.
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