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Police Beat Nov. 11



Nov. 2 – Vehicle Fire (1295 Exit)

UPD officers assisted Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department (JFRD) with a vehicle fire that occurred on the north bound exit ramp of I-295.

UPD did not know how the fire started, but it caused extensive damage to the entire vehicle body. The driver was uninjured, and did not request medical attention.

Nov. 2 – Bottle-Damaged Sunroof (Lot 18)

A car’s sunroof was damaged to the tune of $500.

A student discovered that his 2011 Mercedes had been damaged between 9 a.m. and 6:45 p.m.

An unknown suspect cut the sunroof with a bottle but didn’t go inside the car.

No other vehicles in the surrounding area were damaged, and there are no known witnesses to the crime.

Nov. 2 – Student Injured by Squat Machine (Bldg 61)

A student was injured when working out and taken to a hospital by UPD.

According to UPD’s report, a student hurt himself on a squat machine at 6:47 p.m. when he cut his left hand putting bars and weights back.

JFRD arrived on scene, and determined that though the student did not require transportation, the student was advised to go get an x-ray conducted, and possibly receive stitches.

The student tried to contact a friend to get a ride to the hospital, but couldn’t reach him. An officer decided to transport the student to St. Vincent’s due to the late hour, and the circumstances surrounding the event.

Nov. 3 – Theft (Building 16)

A student’s $175 mountain bike was stolen from outside Osprey Café. The victim hadn’t locked it. When he left the Café about 30 minutes later, the bicycle was gone.

The bicycle was silver and yellow, with a black seat and chipped yellow stripe. Its tires were weathered.

There are no known witnesses to the theft, so the suspect is still unknown, and patrol efforts were suspended.

Nov. 7 – Marijuana (Osprey Fountains)

Midnight marijuana smokers were discovered by an RA, who reported them to police.

The two students, in an Osprey Fountains room, admitted to smoking marijuana. One of the students voluntarily gave the UPD officer a pipe.

During a search of the room, the officer discovered 2.0 grams of marijuana in a guitar case. The case was referred to student conduct.

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