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All content by Joseph Cook

Student suspects ex-boyfriend is impersonating her, and more

Joseph Cook February 5, 2014
Marijuana busts, grand theft, and a student believes her ex-boyfriend is impersonating her through texting and Facebook.

UNF men’s basketball coach’s wallet stolen

Joseph Cook February 5, 2014
Coach Driscoll's wallet is stolen, and assistant coaches suspect "Red Shoes."

Suspect commits credit card fraud to pay for online dating

Joseph Cook January 29, 2014
Two students suspect another student of fraudulently using their credit cards for an online dating website.

Police beat Jan. 17

Joseph Cook January 17, 2014
A Sigma Chi pledge willingly accepts a branding on his rear, and a student risks possible mental illness.

Police beat Jan. 14

Joseph Cook January 14, 2014
A UNF soccer player denies medical assistance to a bleeding head injury from a fight, and a sick student is hospitalized twice in two days.

Naked student taken to hospital under Baker Act

Joseph Cook January 11, 2014
A student was taken to hospital under the Baker act after she was found wandering naked around the Fountains South Tower, screaming and talking to her herself.

Police beat Jan. 10

Joseph Cook January 10, 2014
Three thieves, one found. Police investigate and find a thief of stolen car boots.

Police Beat Jan. 6

Joseph Cook January 8, 2014
A disturbance report reveals underage drinking, and a construction worker is injured after a fall.

Chartwells employee booted & belligerent

Joseph Cook November 26, 2013
A Chartwells employee got belligerent while a worker took a boot off his car in Garage 38.

Police Beat Nov. 19

Joseph Cook November 19, 2013
A resident of Osprey Crossings was sent to Student Conduct after handing over his marijuana and paraphernalia to UPD.

Police Beat Nov. 18

Joseph Cook November 18, 2013
A few thefts and a a high school student went missing while visiting UNF.

Police Beat Nov. 11

Joseph Cook November 11, 2013
A student is injured by a squat machine and a car was on fire.

Employee bribes man to get back found wallet

Joseph Cook November 7, 2013
A UNF employee returned a wallet he found to the wrong man and had to bribe him to get it back.

Drunk student gets lost and hostile

Joseph Cook November 3, 2013
A female student wanders off after getting drunk and then gets hostile when UPD won't let her have another drink.

Police Beat Nov. 1

Joseph Cook November 1, 2013
More weed and theft.

Police Beat Oct. 25

Joseph Cook October 25, 2013
Lots of marijuana and a bunch of thefts.

Student paid to harass associate professor

Joseph Cook October 24, 2013
A UPD investigation revealed a student was being paid to send harassing emails to a UNF associate professor.

Police Beat Oct. 21

Joseph Cook October 21, 2013
Several students had their things stolen after leaving them unattended.

Police Beat Oct. 11

Joseph Cook October 11, 2013
Two thefts and two marijuana busts.

Police Beat Oct. 8

Joseph Cook October 8, 2013
Witnesses heard a student call her roommates "n-----s" and another student complains of stalking.

Police Beat Oct. 7

Joseph Cook October 7, 2013
A construction lot theft and two marijuana busts.

Possible theft recorded on tape

Joseph Cook October 3, 2013
A handicapped student living on campus reported to UPD that he caught someone who worked with him stealing money on camera.

Student arrested for growing marijuana

Joseph Cook October 3, 2013
On Oct. 2, student Richard Luke Miele was arrested and charged with a second degree felony for cultivating marijuana within 1,000 ft of a university.

Police Beat Oct. 2

Joseph Cook October 2, 2013
A former Student Union vendor leaves four descriptive voicemails, and three cases of criminal mischief.

Police Beat Oct. 1

Joseph Cook October 2, 2013
Possible check fraud and a case of criminal mischief.

Police Beat Sept. 30

Joseph Cook October 1, 2013
A case of drunken battery and two marijuana busts.

Police Beats Sept. 26

Joseph Cook September 26, 2013
A student jogs on the athletic track without permission and has to call and ambulance, and two students get sent to student conduct for marijuana use.

Police Beat Sept. 24

Joseph Cook September 25, 2013
A suspicious phone call, petty theft and a marijuana bust.

Dating violence falsely reported as burglary

Joseph Cook September 24, 2013
The complainant from a Sept. 14 crime alert told UPD she falsely reported a robbery and was instead in the middle of a physical altercation with her boyfriend.

Police Beat Sept. 24

Joseph Cook September 24, 2013
A rash of four vehicle burglaries and a confrontation involving a roommate's girlfriend troubles.

Police Beat Sept. 19

Joseph Cook September 20, 2013
An officer went to investigate reports of marijuana odor emanating from a room, at 11:59 p.m. The officer arrived at the specified room, and smelled an odor of marijuana.

Police Beat Sept. 16

Joseph Cook September 17, 2013
A marijuana bust and the report from the Sept. 14 crime alert.

Police Beat Sept. 13

Joseph Cook September 13, 2013
Identity theft, grand theft and a sick person.
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