Budget & Allocations meeting cancelled

Brandon Thigpen

Student GovernmentThe Budget and Allocations meeting for Nov. 15 was cancelled because there were no new travel requests.

There was no formal announcement of the cancellation.  The UNF Events Calendar still showed the meeting as scheduled for 1 p.m.

“Because there were no new requests, there’s no point in having the meeting,” said Ryan Traher, Director of Communications for Student Government.

“There is nothing in the Constitution saying we are required to have this meeting.  We are only required to have at least one Senate meeting every 30 days.”

Sunshine State Law requires public meetings be announced. The law does not require cancellations be announced.

According to an email from Traher, B&A Committee members received an email from B&A Chairman Collin Waychoff Nov. 14 that the meeting was cancelled.

The cancellation will not affect students’ travel requests and fiscal business will not be affected in the following Senate meetings.

“I apologize, in regards to the Spinnaker [and the public] attending,” said Traher.  “In the future, I’ll make sure Spinnaker and all interested parties are notified.”

Traher said Dec. 6 has been set aside for an Emergency B&A meeting if requests are filed.

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