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Suspect commits credit card fraud to pay for online dating

Illustrated by Zach Evans

A student suspected his friend’s roommate of stealing his wallet and using his credit card at an online dating site. The other student denied the charges saying he doesn’t use online dating, as he “gets laid” 2-3 times a week.

On Dec. 3, the student said his friend, when told about the missing wallet and previous fraud, found his credit card had also been used fraudulently.

According to a UNFPD supplemental report, someone had spent about $70 at on an online dating site, the same charge the student’s missing card had been charged with.

Both the student and his friend suspected the friend’s roommate.

Police made repeated attempts to contact the roommate and were successful on Dec. 10.

The student was interviewed and said the following in a statement form to UNFPD:

“On the night in question [the student] was very drunk and we were walking throughout the Landings because he had a girl  that he could get laid by. When we went he was pretty belligerent. [redacted] can attest to this. After I got him back into his room he immediately starts to sketch out about me stealing his phone. When I pointed it out to him on the windowsill I said goodnight to him and [his roommate] and went to bed. I was high at the time so I was pretty mellow the whole time.”

The roommate denied taking the student’s wallet or using the credit card. He said he “gets laid” 2-3 times a week, and has no use for online services.

The roommate’s mother met the UNFPD officer outside Osprey Cove after the interview, wanting to know why the officer was interviewing her son. The officer could make no comment since investigation was ongoing.

The roommate’s mother said she had spoken to her son’s roommate (the student’s friend) who appeared to be visibly upset. She said her son had promised she would bring money to replace an item that had been borrowed.

The mother said she had no knowledge of this, but wished to tell the officer about her son’s recent trouble. She said her son was manipulative and had been in and out of trouble.

The mother said several weeks ago, she had been forced to close his credit card account when several unapproved online dating service charges appeared on it.

The officer did not file criminal charges against the roommate, citing insufficient evidence.

The case was suspended and forwarded to Student Conduct.

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