Budget and Allocations Feb. 17

Rebecca Rodriguez

student governmentTravel request approved

UNF Enactus, a business oriented club, requested $2,500 to travel to and compete at the 2014 Enactus United States National Exposition in Cincinnati, Ohio. The competition is from April 1-April 3. The request was approved 4-0-0.

Special requests approved

Carlo Fassi requested $1,772.20 to be spent on TurboVote, an online service that helps people register and vote in elections. The request was approved 4-0-0.

The Women in Business Society requested $900 for their biggest event, the Spring Forum. The event is held March 7 at the Coggin College of Business. They originally requested $1,300, but made cuts.

The request for $900 was approved 4-0-0.

Carlo Fassi requested $8,000 of OPS wages for student polling. This request would allow for a statewide poll to be conducted. The request was approved 4-0-0.

Spinnaker Media requested for money to be moved out of the Student Union fund balance in order to buy a new glass door. The request was approved 3-1.

Special requests denied

Spinnaker Media requested a glass door for security purposes. The request total was $8,036. John Timpe, Spinnaker Media advisor, said Spinnaker is now the only organization in the Student Union without a door. The request died 3-2.

Senator Connor Garrity sponsored the bill and then voted against it. Garrity asked one question during discussion.

The Women in Business Society requested a total of $99.98 for Group Fitness Nights on March 5 and April 2. The request died because no motion to vote was made.


Senator Collin Waychoff proposed an amendment to the Student Protection and Affordable Travel Act.

The Budget and Allocations Chair will no longer be required to display meeting times and dates ten business days before each meeting for the public view.

Registered Student Organizations can make four travel requests per Fiscal Year, rather than five. The travel funding will be limited to $2,000 per fiscal year, rather than $2,500.

Travel request forms must include applicable standard questions, be signed by the appropriate advisor, club president, and the club treasurer/Budget Director.

The forms must have a total cost spread sheet, total request spreadsheet, have an official conference schedule/agenda/program, and must have official business price quotes for accommodations, transportation, and expenses.

The form will also need list of students, N-numbers, UNF email address, phone number, and mailing address. There must be a statement of travel guidelines.

Special request forms must include applicable standard questions, be signed by the appropriate advisor, club president, and club treasurer/Budget Director.

The Student Body Treasurer will decide if official business quotes are needed for each case of a special request. Total request spreadsheets, documenting expenses/wages, and official supporting documents are needed for the request.

Sen. Waychoff said these changes will make the document more black and white.

Sen. Louis Reich said although SG may trust the current Treasurer with approving the quotes now, SG doesn’t know who will be in the position to approve in the future.

Reich said he thought there were a lot of grey areas with these changes.

The changes were approved 4-0-0. The changes will be made effective July 1, 2014.

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