UPD allows Ludacris fans to reach their fantasies


With pro-marijuana heavyweights like George Clinton, Willie Nelson and the late, great Bob Marley, one would definitely expect to experience swimming through a most-elevated crowd during a live performance.

Considering Hotlanta rapper Ludacris pushed the particular strain of ganja, “blueberry yum yum,” to a new level of popularity with a song of the same name, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that when he asked the sea of UNF students Oct. 29, “Where my weed smokers at?” they responded not only with a flick of the Bic but also with more than a few puffs of Mary Jane smoke.

Despite security’s attempts to annihilate any attempts to sneak wacky tobacky into the UNF Amphitheater, with half-assed flashlight purse searches and a backpack ban, plenty of folks contributed to lowering the heavens with one type of grass right now to the traditional turf.

OK, it’s not so much the fact that people were getting high at a Luda show that shocks us — that’s pretty much the norm at hip-hop shows — it’s the fact that UPD totally failed to launch into one of their infamous free-for-all-git-’em acts. We mean, a staffer of ours got a written warning about smoking a totally legal American Spirit cigarette too close to a building freshman year.

Perhaps UPD officials took a hint from the line in ‘Blueberry’ to mix things up by relaxing on their blitzkrieg arrests (“Think Ima try somthin’ tonight that I ain’t/ That I ain’t neva did before on this one”) or maybe they just scored a contact high — but either way, cheers to you, UPD.

Even though most of the Spinnaker staff were unfortunately out of town during this stint of greatness for our fine university, it’s safe to assume it probably really was a fantasy.