Wale, Attention: Deficit


If Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West had a child not only would the world end but they would produce offspring named Wale.  As part of the freshman class Attention: Deficit is Wale’s first full album and as luck would have it the tracks are hit or miss.  I first became a fan of Wale with his mixtapes that for the most part are completely different from this album.  That is not necessarily a bad thing but the album leans more towards Kanye then Lupe which can be good depending on how much you enjoy lyrical content.

Falling in line with the new go-go trend all of the songs are upbeat including 90210 which is about a girl with eating disorders.  All of the tracks have some kind of lyrical complexity, which is not something most of the freshman class can say for their releases and is going to be the one thing that will hold this album back from going huge.  There aren’t many if any club hits on this album that will popularize Wale with the tweens, teeny boppers, and any other term you want to call those people who don’t listen to anyone unless its on the radio all day long.  My final beef with this album is the amount of collaboration’s.  It seems like every song has a well-known artist on track just to boost it.  This takes away from the lyrical power that Wale actually has and takes to much time away from him.  Every now and then its nice to hear a collaboration but it was just over done in this album for it to be his first.

On the bright side it’s a very happy album that won’t do anything but cheer you up.  With up beat beats and lyrics for the most part you can’t help but smile and enjoy the sarcastic/cynical approval of the current hip-hop/rap industry.

I will keep this album in my car and on my iPod for a long time to come and I recommend anyone that enjoys hip-hop to listen to Wale and try this go-go trend on.  And if you want more hip-hop/rap type reviews let us know.  E-mail us, @UNFspinnaker us on Twitter or leave comments.