Board of Trustees approves fee increases for next school year


The Board of Trustees approved a total student fee increase of $1.62 per credit hour for the 2010-2011 school year Dec. 1.

35 cents of it is going to Student Government’s allocated activities and services, 87 cents of it is going to the athletics department and 40 cents of it is going to the counseling center.

Therefore, if a student has 12 credit hours, he or she will pay an additional $19.44 for fees in fall 2010.

The Student Fee Assessment Committee met multiple times through October and November in an effort to decide how much to increase and which department deserved the most. Student Government, the athletics department and the counseling center all approached the committee searching for fee increases.

The Spinnaker outlined the counseling center’s issues, which led them to ask for the increase, in the Nov. 18 issue. The center originally sought a 61-cent increase, and it plans to use the granted 40-cent increase to hire two additional full-time counselors.

The athletics department sought the largest increase available — $1.62. It plans to use the granted 87-cent increase to offer more athletic summer scholarships and more meal money, to further the student managers, training and the newly created the pep band and to create a benefit package for assistant coaches.

Student Government sought a 23-cent increase and was granted 35 cents to go toward its activities and services for the students on campus, specifically Osprey Production’s budget and programming.

The Spinnaker will continue to bring you up-to-date information on the details of these changes.