Beer o’ the Month: New England Brewing’s siren of an Indian Pale Ale snags two staffers’ senses


(Erik Tanner, Photo Editor)
After pushing through an arguably salty and sickeningly sweet first attempt at a Beer of the Month, a fine, young, slightly bald and extremely zealous server introduced me to the hag with which I would be sticking for the night. Sea Hag IPA has a very subtle flavor initially that quickly transitions into a delightfully bitter aftertaste.

Though this IPA tastes fairly light and drinkable at 6.2 percent, this sea wench had a bit more punch than I expected … so keep the yellow cab handy if you plan to stay for a few.

A word of warning to all the brads and chads that are looking to pound a couple brews before a night of debauchery, put down that beer bong because this is not the beer for you. Though Sea Hag IPA is not very heavy, this girl doesn’t cater to quickies so sit back, take it slow and enjoy.

(Beca Grimm, Features Editor)
Don’t let the docile dark orange hue of Sea Hag IPA straight outta the Kickback’s tap fool you, kids. The Connecticut-brewed bubbly goes down just like the siren after which it’s named — in a fleetingly floral way.

Upon first touching your lips, this Indian Pale Ale softly fizzes with its mighty hops, subtly foreshadowing the minor kick it next robes your mouth in once swallowed. Although the hag dishes out an undeniable bite, it’s nothing that a fellow Schlitz enthusiast like myself can’t stomach.

But agreed with Tanner up above — avoid ordering this one anywhere near last call. Sea Hag won’t take kindly to guzzling in an even remotely chugging fashion and might make your eyes well with regretful tears should you have a stab. She just ain’t that kind of girl.