Survey says: your Student Government to focus on library changes, kayaks

Saphara Harrell

“Your Voice, Your Choice” results show students want more kayaks, tutoring programs and major-specific software in the library.

Student Body President Joseph Turner said SG will focus on three projects.

One will be adding tutoring and major-specific software programs to the library, which got an 88 percent approval rating.

Making the library open 24 hours, which 82 percent approved of, will also be a priority.


The third focus is increasing the number of items available for free checkout at the Eco Center, with an 85 percent approval rating.

Turner said the common theme of the comment survey’s section was parking.

He said parking sold 460 more Blue permits than they should have this year, 200 of which were oversold to faculty and staff. He said someone in Parking & Transportation Services didn’t save spaces for faculty and staff permits, which don’t have a time limit for purchase.

Turner proposed a plan to the Parking Advisory Council on Sept. 25 that will allow students to exchange their Blue permits for a Gray one and get refunded the extra amount.

The Ozzie Statue is the only initiative that wasn’t approved by the majority – with 55 percent voting “no” – and Turner said it will not be pursued.

He said the major-specific software for the library would be beneficial for non-traditional students who need to work on something late, when the computer lab they need wouldn’t necessarily be open.

Student Body President Joseph Turner said that a trend in the "comments" section of the student survey was parking. Photo by Robert Curtis
Student Body President Joseph Turner said that a trend in the “comments” section of the student survey was parking.
Photo by Robert Curtis

Keeping the library open 24 hours a day would require it to stay open an extra 48.5 hours per week.

The Eco Center rents out things like kayaks and paddleboards and with the beginning of fall, Turner said there will be a lot of people checking out camping gear. He said he wants to find out what students use the most and have more variety in what is available for rent.

The survey was based on questions Turner and his staff came up with. He said all of the projects aside from the Ozzie statue are still “in play.”

Turner said there weren’t any questions concerning the upcoming elections, because he didn’t want the survey to be too long.

Other projects included renovations to the nature trails, Coxwell Amphitheater and Boathouse, construction of a video board in the Student Union, beachfront at Lake Oneida and a baseball stadium lounge.

Turner also wanted to know students’ thoughts on the humane removal of geese from campus because the university may pursue this, particularly in high-traffic areas like the Green. Student responses were 54 percent unopposed to the humane removal of geese from campus.

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