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Students can buy meal plan online, pay no sales tax

Saphara Harrell October 31, 2014
A new state law exempts certain prepaid college meal plans from sales tax. Chartwells is included. Starting Oct. 31 students can purchase their meal plans online, without being charged for sales tax.

Police Beat: UNFPD handles a breakup, a state residency and an interrupted nap

Saphara Harrell October 28, 2014
Police Beat: During the night of the River City Rumble, a UNFPD officer found a student passed out drunk by the arena on Oct. 24.

Police Beat: ex-boyfriend makes threats on girl’s life

Saphara Harrell October 28, 2014
Police Beat: an embittered ex-boyfriend has been reported to have been threatening his ex-girlfriend via texts and tweets sent to the girl's roommate.

Women’s volleyball shuts out JU in River City Rumble

Saphara Harrell October 27, 2014
The Lady Ospreys were able to pull together to overtake the Jacksonville University Dolphins in all three sets. UNF finished the set with a 4-0 run in the River City Rumble on Oct. 24.

Market Day: more businesses, less flyers

Saphara Harrell October 22, 2014
Due to the changes made to Market Day vending, UNF's Market Days are seeing an increase in outside vendors such as Adventure Landing, Kilwins and Sweet by Holly. Market Day coordinators hope to make this weekly event more engaging for students with theme days, live music, more businesses and less flyer distribution.

Police Beat: bloodshot eyes, public urination and cooperative smokers

Saphara Harrell October 22, 2014
UNFPD officers referred multiple students to Student Conduct for alcohol and drug possession, while another student was arrested for urinating on a food truck at Ozzie's Oktoberfest.

Police Beat: JSO gets involved after suspect resists arrest

Saphara Harrell October 14, 2014
Police Beat: JSO took a 17-year-old student into custody after he pulled a fire alarm in The Crossings on Oct. 3. The student was charged with assault, resisting an officer, disorderly intoxication and obstruction by a disguised person.

Police Beat: threats, harassment, a hidden camera and stalking

Saphara Harrell October 13, 2014
UNFPD officers encountered marijuana in the residence halls, responded to issues of verbal threats and possible stalking, cases of unwanted advances and a student reporting verbal harassment from a professor in the latest police beat compiled from the university's police reports.

Students conduct poll that shows Crist ahead of Scott

Saphara Harrell October 13, 2014
UNF political science students conducted a poll from Sept. 29 to Oct. 8 concerning the upcoming gubernatorial election in November. They found Crist is ahead of Scott according to responses from 471 likely voters in Florida, and 67 percent would vote yes on Amendment 2.

MyWings automated class scheduler gives students more options

Saphara Harrell October 7, 2014
UNF institutes a new scheduling program on MyWings to help ease the stress of class scheduling. The new program will take into account student's previous obligations and schedule their classes around those obligations.

Senate Meeting approves parking pass exchange and Spinnaker doors

Saphara Harrell October 1, 2014
Senate approved a resolution to allow students to exchange parking passes in their Sept. 29 meeting.

Survey says: your Student Government to focus on library changes, kayaks

Saphara Harrell September 26, 2014
After students gave their opinion in the recent Student Government survey, SG is expected to focus on implementing three projects: two would see changes in and at the library, and the other would expand free checkout gear at the Eco center.

SG committee allocates $2,481 in first fall meeting

Saphara Harrell September 9, 2014
Student Government's Budget and Allocations Committee allocated funding for two student travel requests and approved moving over funds intended for the Aquatic Center.

Student veterans get discount on campus

Saphara Harrell September 5, 2014
Vendors on campus offer a veteran discount to UNF students with proof of military service.

Thomas G. Carpenter Library soon to be under renovations

Saphara Harrell September 1, 2014
The Library Learning Commons initiative will add new renovations, adding more study spaces and resources at the Thomas G. Library. Funded by Florida's BOG, the construction is expected to begin late July and completed by late Jan. 2015.

Watch: President Delaney does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Saphara Harrell August 25, 2014
At 3 p.m. of Aug. 25, UNF President John Delaney did the Ice Bucket Challenge in the Student Union Osprey Plaza to help raise ALS awareness.

Sigma Chi on disciplinary probation until September 2015

Saphara Harrell July 25, 2014
The Sigma Chi chapter of UNF will be on probation until September 2015. The fraternity must undergo membership review, an alcohol awareness program, and risk management education as well as compose an educational manual for future officers.

Local reggae band and One Spark “Best Creator” Sidereal headlines at Freebird

Saphara Harrell July 16, 2014
Local reggae band and One Spark "Best Creator" Sidereal will be playing a string of local shows and music festivals starting with Freebird Live on Friday, July 18th. Drummer Niko Costas sits down with Spinnaker to discuss the band's plans for the near future including One Spark Berlin.

Legal marijuana in Florida? Don’t get your hopes too high

Saphara Harrell July 7, 2014
Legalizing medical marijuana has made the Florida government's agenda with the signed Charlotte's Web bill and the November voting on Amendment 2. Regardless of the results of the voting, Tallahassee has outlined a strict regulation for growers and are limiting dispensaries to five licenses, one per region.

UNF prepares for tropical storm Arthur and other campus crises

Saphara Harrell July 2, 2014
As the hurricane season begins to unfold, UNF’s Crisis Management Team ensures campus safety in disaster situations by devising storm protocol for campus emergencies. From backup power generators to campus alerts, this group works to keep students and staff safe and notified.

B&A approves travel requests and extends skate park hours

Saphara Harrell June 26, 2014
The Budget and Allocations Meeting on June 23 approved travel funding for two groups, determined Marsha Lupi will become interim dean, and instated new hours for the UNF Skate Park.

Osprey Clubhouse open with new pool, mailboxes, and game room

Saphara Harrell June 12, 2014
The Osprey Clubhouse is now open and students can access the new pool, game room, and mailboxes. On June 22nd, the Clubhouse will accomodate the Summer Swoop Party with food, inflatables, and more.

Campus Chick-fil-A serving milkshakes in time for summer

Saphara Harrell June 11, 2014

Milkshakes bring all the students to the courtyard The Chick-fil-A on campus will be adding a new item to their menu this summer--milkshakes! There isn’t an exact date, but UNF Chick-fil-A...

Davenport joins lawsuit against NCAA’s limit on grant money available for student athletes

Saphara Harrell June 10, 2014

Chris Davenport, freshman power forward for the UNF men’s basketball team, joined a class action lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Atlantic Sun Conference,...

Archaeology Professor to lecture on Northeast Florida’s history dating back to 1000 AD

Saphara Harrell May 27, 2014

On May 29th, archaeology professor and curator Keith Ashley will talk about the archaeology lab’s research on what Jacksonville was like in 1000 AD. The research and artifacts are part of The...

Food trucks compete at Jax Landing for charity

Saphara Harrell May 16, 2014
Tomorrow May 17th, food trucks will compete in the 3rd Annual Jax Truckies Food Truck Championship. All profits will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Florida.

Dancin’ in the Streets festival enlivens the beaches community

Saphara Harrell May 16, 2014
Tomorrow May 17th the 28th Annual Dancin' in the Street festival will bring live music, art, food, and more to the beaches community.

Student sees camera flash in the bathroom

Saphara Harrell April 16, 2014
Not for the first time, a student thinks someone was peeping on him in a bathroom.

Underage drinking, traffic stop to marijuana bust, and more

Saphara Harrell April 16, 2014
Students at the Village tried to pour away evidence of underage drinking, a vehicle search led to a marijuana bust, and another bike was stolen.

Suspects jump two stories to flee scene

Saphara Harrell April 16, 2014
A UNFPD officer responded to reports of an intoxicated girl and arrived to find marijuana and RA who said two students jumped out the window.

Stolen books resold to Follet, classroom ransacked, marijuana arrest, and more

Saphara Harrell April 14, 2014
Three suspects have been stealing from the Bookstore and reselling the books to other Follet branches, a student living on campus was arrested for marijuana possession, and a fire extinguisher was discharged in an Honors classroom.

Student’s shotgun stolen from car

Saphara Harrell April 10, 2014
A student was unloading his groceries and came back to find his shotgun and jacket were missing from his unlocked trunk.

Giant goldfish cracker commissioned for One Spark

Saphara Harrell April 9, 2014
Art students moved a sculpture today that they've been working on for One Spark, to be displayed in Hemming Plaza.

Power flickering, classes continue

Saphara Harrell April 8, 2014
The power is back on, but UNF's PR department still hasn't heard from the Jacksonville Electric Authority when the problem will be permanently fixed.

Gallery exhibition displays graduating seniors’ artwork

Saphara Harrell April 4, 2014
A senior art exhibition will be on display in the Lufrano gallery till May 2.

Students get free ticket to ride NASA’s vomit comet

Saphara Harrell March 12, 2014
A team of eight UNF students, one of 19 teams chosen nation-wide, will experience zero gravity and participate in NASA research.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon getting rid of pledge process

Saphara Harrell March 8, 2014
The national Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity announced March 7 they will be ending new-member programming, according to their website. This eliminates pledgeship, the period between getting a bid from a fraternity and becoming an initiated member.

Students protest UNF investment in fossil fuel

Saphara Harrell March 4, 2014
The protest was a part of Divest UNF’s initiative to ask UNF to be more socially responsible with their investments. Divest UNF is a part of the Go Fossil Free campaign.

UNF’s twelve traditions

Saphara Harrell February 21, 2014
The Traditions Project spent a year making a list of 12 traditions, which were revealed at the Boathouse Feb. 20 in an event costing $5,000.

Man kisses woman against her will

Saphara Harrell February 19, 2014
An unknown suspect asked a woman for sex, kissed her and ran away.

Greek Awards celebrate chapter accomplishments

Saphara Harrell February 4, 2014
Fraternity and Sorority Life gathered on Feb. 3 to celebrate all of the the achievements made by fellow Greeks.

False reports raise questions about real victims

Saphara Harrell January 15, 2014
Two professors, the director of the Women's Center and a UPD lieutenant discuss the reasons behind and consequences of the rise in false reports of rape and assault on campus.

Lawsuit against UNF could lead to statewide gun law change

Saphara Harrell December 11, 2013
The Florida First District Court of Appeals ruled Dec. 10 that public universities can't regulate guns on campus.

Former Israeli Ambassador speaks at UNF

Saphara Harrell November 18, 2013
Spinnaker News interviews Ambassador Gideon Meir, currently living in Israel, about conflict in Israel and problems facing the Middle East.
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