Tweet of the week


So you’re the type of person who is illTwitterate? Or maybe you just don’t see what all the constant-update-on-life fuss is all about? Well, that’s why self-appointed, I-know-everything-about-the-Internet Spinnaker staffer Ryan Thompson presents you with the Tweet of the Week. The funniest, the most disturbing or even the most obnoxious tweet – plus a little analysis afterward … just because.

@foldsaholic: First day of class and I’ve noticed two Bluetooth headsets. Also noticed two people I probably won’t be friends with.

After a long list of possible tweets for this inaugural week, I decided to pick one that’s both relatable and innocently hilarious. This YouTuber and college student just like you tweeted about something so perfect for the first (or so) week of classes that I think rings universal. Bluetooth devices just cause utter confusion when you walk right next to a person just as you’re starting a conversation with the person in your ear. Or how about those people who sit down next to you on a bench on campus? You know, those whose Bluetoothed ear you can’t see as they loudly jabber away about their life plans? No doubt, they’re just asking for a 19-year-old to share his disdain toward them with the World Wide Web.