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Police Beat: threats, harassment, a hidden camera and stalking

The following information is according to reports from the UNF Police Department.

Concerned friend threatened with pistol whipping

UPDATE – 10/15/14 at 6:15 p.m. 

The Spinnaker contacted the witness who filed this report. He said the victim has been in contact with some of her friends since the incident and told them it wasn’t that bad. According to the victim’s friends, he said the boyfriend broke her laptop

the night of Oct. 7. He said she is just in a bad relationship and not helping herself.


verbalUNFPD has not been able to reach a student after a witness reported seeing her driving away with her boyfriend, who had just threatened the witness.

According to the witness, on Oct. 7 he saw his friend walking to the parking lot outside of the Carpenter Library when he called her name and walked over to her. He said she looked like she hadn’t slept all night.

She asked him to walk with her because she was scared and wanted someone there when she talked to her boyfriend. She said he hadn’t hurt her yet, but she knew he would soon.

The witness asked her to walk back to the library with him and said they were almost at the door when she looked back and saw her boyfriend pull up. She told the witness they would have to hide in the library.

As they walked in, the boyfriend came up behind them and asked who the witness was. The witness introduced himself and said they were going to study. The boyfriend said she wasn’t going to study, she was going to go with him.

He told her to walk to the car, the witness told her not to do it. The boyfriend told the witness to back off. When witness kept following, the boyfriend threatened him and said, “Don’t make me get my stick.”

He threatened the witness again saying, “I will grab my pistol and pistol whip the sh– out of you if you come closer.” He also told the witness that if he called the cops, he would find the witness and do something about it.

The witness said the girlfriend was crying and the boyfriend shouted at her as they drove off.

The witness said he didn’t want to press charges. He contacted UNFPD because his friend said she was ok and would text him her address, where she lived with her boyfriend. He said she never texted him the address and he hasn’t been able to reach her on the phone after that.

Officers tried to reach the girl via phone with negative results. The case is still under investigation.

Stalking: two sides of the storyMain Icon

An officer was sent to The Crossings on Oct. 9 to investigate a possible stalking.

The potential victim said she believed her ex boyfriend was intentionally following her and checking up on her. She said she’s received unwanted texts from him in the past month and wants it stopped.

The ex boyfriend’s version of events said that he wanted an explanation of their breakup but never got one. He was advised to stop all contact with his ex girlfriend.

Why are you on the floor?

An officer was sent to the Carpenter Library on Oct. 3 because of suspicious activity. The complainant said she was at a cubicle on the fourth floor of the library, when a man sat down in the cubicle next to her.

After a few minutes she noticed that he was lying on the floor under the cubicle. In the chair where he was sitting was a cell phone directed at her.

She said when he saw she had seen the camera, he grabbed his phone and backpack and walked away. She said she tried to follow him but he started walking faster and she lost sight of him.

Officers searched the library but couldn’t find the man.

Burning marijuanamarijuana

An officer sent to The Crossings for a drug investigation on Oct. 5 smelled marijuana after the student resident of the dorm room opened his door.

When the officer asked the student if he could come in and talk to him, he said refused. The officer asked the people in the room to step out and talk to him.

When the officer asked the student how much marijuana was in the room, he said a little bit.

The officer asked the student to bring him the marijuana and he came back with a bag containing 1.5 grams of marijuana. He said there wasn’t anymore in the room.

This is the third incident involving marijuana UNFPD has had with the student. All six students in the room were referred to Student Conduct.

I still smell burning

An officer sent to Osprey Hall for a drug investigation on Oct. 7 smelled burning marijuana outside of a dorm room.

The officer knocked on the door and noticed three students in the room. He asked the student who answered the door for permission to enter the room, but was denied.

Because of the strong smell of marijuana, the officer told the students they were being detained and instructed them to exit into the hallway.

When the officer asked the students if they had marijuana or other illegal items, one student produced a vaporizer pen and a bottle containing less than 20 grams of marijuana. All three students were searched with negative results.

The student who possessed the marijuana was issued a notice to appear. The three students were referred to Student Conduct.

When will they learn?

An officer sent to The Fountains on Oct. 8 for a drug investigation smelled burning marijuana outside of a dorm room. The witness allowed him to enter the common area.

The student occupying the dorm allowed the officer to enter his personal room. When questioned by the officer, the student said he had a previous history of drug use and legal issues regarding drug use.

The student then retrieved 8.9 grams of marijuana and a vaporizer. He also had a digital scale, grinder, baggie and two packs of rolling papers all with marijuana residue. The officer didn’t find anything else when he searched the room.

The student was issued a notice to appear, and was referred to Student Conduct.

Laundry stolen, but the khakis are safeburglary

A student reported his laundry was stolen after leaving it in the dryer, in Building 17, for almost a week.

The student put his laundry in the dryer at 10 a.m. on Oct. 1. He came back four hours later, took a green shirt and khaki shorts out and left everything else inside to complete drying.

He said he had to leave town without notice and left his laundry inside the dryer, and when he returned on Oct. 5 his clothes were missing. The student said he talked to housing staff, who told him they don’t touch anybody’s clothing. He said housekeeping doesn’t either. There are no known witnesses or suspects.

Student accuses professor of calling her a ‘N—–’

An officer met with a student reporting harassment on Oct. 8. The student said her professor and classmates made harassing comments toward her in class.

The student said the professor used the “N-word” several times toward her. The officer said she appeared to be visibly shaken and was rambling about being a marine and growing up in the Bronx.

The officer made contact with the professor, who said none of that happened in class. She said, during her class, the complainant stood up and started to stare at the wall and ceiling, then sat down in the back of the class against the wall for the remainder of class.

The professor said no words were exchanged between her and the complainant, and that she left without saying a word at the end of class.

The professor said, because of past incidents, she has asked her department chair to have the complainant removed from class.

Student doesn’t press charges after double batterysexual assualt

A student made a complaint of battery on Oct. 8 after multiple unwanted sexual advances.

The student said she and the suspect were watching TV at her room in Osprey Cove on Sept. 12. She said he then tried to hold her and then pinned her down on her bed while he kissed her and groped her breast. She said she pushed him away several times and told him to leave or she would contact a resident assistant. Then he left the room.

She said, the next day, he contacted her and asked if she wanted to come to his room in the Osprey Village.

She agreed and when she arrived he pinned her down while he kissed her and groped her breast. She said she pushed him away and left his room.

She said later that day he sent her a message on Facebook apologizing.

The complainant declined pressing charges. The officer recommended the suspect be referred to Student Conduct.

Missing power tools

A staff member reported hand and power tools missing from a fenced equipment area behind Building 6. He said they noticed the tools, valued at $599.95, were missing after an inventory was taken on Oct. 1. He was advised to notify UNFPD if any of the items were found.

Ripped decal

A student said an unknown person ripped off half of his parking decal in Lot 55 between Oct. 3 and Oct. 5.

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