Student Government funds UNF Cru and Command+N Graphic Design Club

Lydia Moneir

Photo by Natalie Logan
Photo by Natalie Logan

With eight voting members present of the nine Budget and Allocations Committee (BAC) senators, the Oct. 20 meeting was called to vote on two funding requests.

Student Government Treasurer Morgan Wolf announced the Student Union has hired more staff and requested to move $3,239.35 from the “Repairs and Maintenance” line to pay for extra uniform shirts.

Cru, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, requested $2,000 in travel funding to send an additional 10 students to the Southeast Winter Cru Conference.

According to the presentation, Cru received a $3,500 private donation to give 20 students scholarships for the conference and was seeking additional money to provide another 10 scholarships.

Cru raised $36 through fundraising and said all UNF students would benefit from the conference because Cru attendees would bring their knowledge back to campus.

Documents Cru provided cite a 2006 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) study regarding spiritual interest that reported 80 percent of college students believe spiritual things are important and 47 percent sought answers to their spiritual questions.

Members of the BAC had no questions and approved the request 7-0-0

Armando Mitra, the SG Digital Media Coordinator, made a special request on behalf of Command+N Design, a graphic design club. The club requested $4,512 to fund a showcase for UNF’s graduating graphic design seniors.

Mitra said they are expecting 300-400 people and have reserved the lobby and atrium at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The Command+N Design Club also arranged that all MOCA exhibitions will be open and free to students at this event.

When Senator Tarek Kishek asked whether these showcases have been successful in the past, Mitra said they haven’t because they have always been quite modest.

He said talent at UNF has never been short, so they want to open people’s eyes and get more recognition and support for UNF graphic design graduates. He said the event will showcase 21 seniors’ work.

The BAC approved the request 7-0-0.

The showcase will be at MOCA on Dec. 10 and is open to all UNF students.

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