Police Beat: student charged with felony for marijuana possession, car tires slashed and more

Robert Curtis

The following information is according to reports from the UNF Police Department.

Student arrested on felony charges for possession

marijuanaUNF student Michael Dobinski was arrested for possession of over 20 grams of marijuana on Nov. 11.

An officer stopped the student at 1:24 a.m. for going 14 miles per hour over the speed limit on Osprey Ridge Road.

In the report, the officer noted that he could smell marijuana coming from the car and asked the student to step out. The officer read the student’s constitutional rights to him.

The student said there was an ounce of marijuana in the center console of the car.

The officer asked if that was around 20 grams and the student said it was around 28 grams. The actual amount he had in his possession was 26.9 grams.

Officer Frederick “Fred” Dunaway said the student was transferred to Duval County Jail.

While in the back of the police car, another officer asked the student if he had anything in his dorm room.

The student said he had a gram of marijuana, a scale, a glass pipe and rolling papers. He gave the officer permission to search his dorm room in the Landing Building X. The officer said they wouldn’t charge him with the items if he gave them permission to search his room.

In the report there are no listed charges for the items the officers found.

The officer requested that the student be sent to Student Conduct.

Accused of stealing weed, car vandalized

After being accused of stealing two ounces of marijuana, a victim’s car was scratched and the tires were slashed.

On Nov. 14 at 5:50 a.m., UNFPD responded to a report of criminal mischief at The Flats.

The first witness said she saw a suspect damaging a VW Jetta in the parking lot. She said he was wearing a black mask, a gray hoodie and carrying a skateboard.

A second witness said she saw a white male wearing a mask while she was driving in the parking lot and called 911.

When UNFPD contacted the Jetta owner, he said he didn’t know who would do that to his car, but later said he was accused of stealing marijuana by his friend’s two roommates.

He said he was accused after he helped the friend move into his apartment. The victim said he didn’t take the marijuana, but the accuser kept asking him for it.

The hood, sides, trunk and roof of the car were scratched, the tires were slashed and the mirrors were broken and bent backwards.

While looking at the damage on the car, an officer noticed a “green leafy substance” in the rear passenger seat.

When the victim was advised that he would be sent to Student Conduct instead of arrested for the substance, he began to cry. He said he had just been sent to Student Conduct for marijuana.

The victim told the officer the apartment number of the individuals who accused him of stealing and said he knows they sell marijuana.

In the parking lot, eight additional cars and one motorcycle also had scratch marks or slashed tires.

Slapped for cussing at a soccer gameverbal

A female UNF student was arrested Nov. 14 for slapping a man in the face while they were in the UNF Arena.

The victim reported the incident at 12 a.m. He said the suspect struck him with an open palm on the left side of his face.

The report does not indicate whether or not they knew each other before the incident.

A witness said the suspect approached the victim during the soccer game and started screaming after he said “f—.”

The victim said the suspect told him to stop cussing before she slapped him.

The officer tried to find the woman by knocking on her dorm room and calling her. The officer left her a voicemail telling her to contact UNFPD as soon as possible.

When the officer found her, she said she lost control and slapped the victim. UNFPD arrested her for battery and she was sent to Duval County Jail and booked at 4:23 a.m.

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