Advice on college investment comes to campus


UNF students will have the opportunity to learn about the basics of investment and finance management by attending INVEST ED, an event open to both college students and the general public.

INVEST ED will take place in the Student Union Ballroom, beginning at noon Feb. 26, and should last anywhere from an hour to two hours.

The event will have Fidelity Investment Advisor representatives on hand for students who have any additional questions. Special guest speaker Professor de Jong will be also be speaking.

The goal of this event is to educate students on the important life skill of money management, something students will use throughout their life, said Luis Barrientos, Budget Leader of the Finance and Investment Society that is in charge of INVEST ED.

Students will learn the basics on how to make money, not lose it, Barrientos said.

Students attending this event will learn the importance of a budget, a general overview of stocks, markets and mutual funds and bonds and CDs, and will acquire instructions on how to get started in investment.

INVEST ED will address statistics on budgeting and educational investment and will give Web sites and references to managing a budget effectively.

INVEST ED will host a 15-question pre- and post-quiz that seeks to measure the knowledge obtained from the workshop, and refreshments will be available.