Failure to yield leaves student injured

Patrick Lloyd

Video shot by Jack Drain, edited by Patrick Lloyd

A UNF student is in the hospital after a three-car crash occurred near UNF Arena the morning of May 27. The student’s injuries are not life-threatening, according to Sgt. Sams of UNFPD.

Damage to the front of the student's Hyundai.Photo by Alex Wilson
Damage to the front of the student’s Hyundai.
Photo by Alex Wilson

According to Danny Strickland, one of the drivers involved in the incident, the student was driving a champagne Hyundai towards the arena when a red Toyota tried to turn left onto the road east of the arena too quickly.

Because the Toyota’s driver failed to yield, the Hyundai hit its back end. Strickland said the Toyota then spun around and its rear hit the front of his car, a white Ford. Strickland was waiting to turn right onto UNF Drive.

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