Political satirist promises to perform in all 50 states


In the midst of this election season, another candidate has entered the political ring by making campaign promises with hopes of selling his record.

Musician and political satirist Roy Zimmerman furthered his stated campaign promise of performing in all 50 states before the election with a performance Oct. 9 at UNF in the University Gallery.

“[California] is the bluest state in the union; I wanted to go out to the red states and see the most progressive people in the least progressive states,” Zimmerman said.

The overarching theme of his music was to provide humor, but Zimmerman specifically wanted to point out the absurdity of the political process, he said.

His opening comments about President Bush’s administration set the tone for the evening.

“The Bush administration is a vast conspiracy to make [President] Nixon look good and [President] Reagan look fiscally responsible,” Zimmerman said.

He sang about the Iraq war stating America is not a nation-builder but rather a builder of the state of Haliburton.

But to merely read his lyrics does not do his music justice, as his vocal inflections are a key component to his live show.

“Saddam shame Saddam shame/ we had to learn your damn name/ only three questions remain/ Hussein Hussein Hussein?” Zimmerman sang.

Another song that illustrated his dynamic use of vocal inflections was on his proposed revision of Sen. McCain’s campaign song.

“His demeanor is like a maverick/ his complexion is cadaver-ick,” Zimmerman sang. “He says we’ll be in Iraq for a century/ till our troops are decrypt and indentur-ary.”

He offered death as a solution to the issue of healthcare: “Won’t you help us file your folder/ in the shredder by being just a little deader.”

Zimmerman also sang about how hard it was to be a liberal in America, citing the many causes and agendas he has to support.

“Do you know how hard it is to be a liberal?” Zimmerman sang. “Constantly feeding the homeless and bleeding my heart out/ running the media, hiding my agenda and ruling San Francisco as a separate state.”

He commented about all the ways the Democrats could lose this election.

“Obama surfing on tank, promising new taxes, kissing Barney Frank/ and sleeping through the election.”

He also said, “abstinence-only education is like ‘just hold it’ potty training.”

Regarding the presidential election, Zimmerman said he would name his next album “Songs for Children” if Obama wins, and “#[email protected]&” if McCain wins.

Despite this, he was non-partisan when commenting on the economy and the newly passed bailout legislation for Wall Street.

“This creates an opportunity for either McCain or Obama to clarify what government’s role is,” he said.

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