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Police Beat April — May 11

April 8 — Petty Theft (Building A) — UPD reported to Osprey Village in response to a bicycle theft. Student Lauren Katz said she placed her bicycle in the bicycle rack between buildings A and B and secured it with a cable lock on April 8. She returned on April 15 to find her bicycle missing.

April 15 — Information (Building 2) — UPD responded to a call by Jeanetta Mock concerning a student who claimed she was being bullied on Facebook. The victim claimed Facebook users were “slandering” her in a Facebook page. The officers concluded the page was posing no direct threat to the victim, and deemed it not a criminal matter. The officers reported the Facebook page in order to have it removed from the website.

April 16 — Information (Building 39) — UPD responded to a report of a suspicious person on campus. Rose Ann Slater said she was walking near building 39 when a man named Christopher motioned to her about a magazine drive he was supporting for Saint Jude Children’s Hospital. The suspect asked Slater for her credit card information and she refused to do so. She invited him to her office to discuss the drive in more detail but he refused and left the scene. Slater reported the information to police after viewing a campus update message concerning a possible scam.

April 17 — Petty Theft (Osprey Cove) — Student Samantha Felber reported to UPD about some pills missing from her room. Felber picked up her prescription medication and placed it in a pill bottle. She counted the pills later and found three pills missing. She confronted her roommate Brittany Potter about the missing pills, but Potter said she did not have any knowledge of the pills’ whereabouts.

April 17 — Petty Theft (Building U) — Alexes Ripley stayed at student Samantha Felber’s dorm room from April 8 to April 10. When Ripley returned home, she realized her iPod nano was missing. After confronting Felber’s roommate Brittany Potter about the missing iPod, Ripley and Felber found the iPod lying on Potter’s desk. Potter returned the iPod to Ripley after being confronted about the missing item. Ripley signed a prosecution declination and did not want to pursue criminal charges any further.

April 21 — Criminal Mischief (Building 37) — UPD responded to a report of vandalism near the tennis clubhouse. The complainant, Jerry Letterman, reported that the plexi-glass on a Coca-Cola vending machine had been broken. The product and money areas of the machine were undisturbed. A representative from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company repaired the plexi-glass with duct tape and estimated the damage at $500.

April 21 — Burglary (Lot 11) — UPD responded to a report of a burglarized vehicle. Madeline Main said she locked her vehicle in the parking lot and secured her TomTom GPS device in the glove box. She returned to her car to find her vehicle’s front passenger door ajar. Her lozenges were scattered on the floor board and her GPS unit was missing. UPD conducted a canvass of the vehicle and of several residents in Osprey Cove, but gathered no useful information.

April 21 — Petty Theft (Building 12) — UPD responded to a theft at the library. Erin Winters said her driver’s license was stolen April 19 while she was at the library. Winters reported the license as stolen in order to reduce the cost of the replacement license.

April 21 — Information (Building 51) — Alicia Erchul reported to UPD that former employee, Kendrick Philpart, had been in her office. She called the police department because she believed Philpart was prohibited from being on campus. Officers could not find Philpart on campus.

April 22 — Possession of Alcohol/Drug Paraphernalia (Building U) — UPD performed an alcohol investigation at Osprey Cove. Resident Assistant Sarah Oberbeck heard a loud noise coming from one of the rooms. When she notified the occupants she was a member of UNF Housing, one of the occupants ran out of the room in an unknown direction. Meanwhile, another occupant threw a small ‘keg’ of beer out of the window, jumped out of the window and fled the scene. The suspect, John Simile, threw a glass pipe out of the window, Oberbeck said. Police officers found the pipe outside the building below the window. Police found a keg of beer located in the room, along with a glass marijuana pipe and with marijuana residue. Police wrote Simile a notice to appear for possession of drug paraphernalia.

April 22 — Information (Building 39) — An officer responded to a person having a seizure. The woman was transported to St. Luke’s hospital.

April 23 — Petty Theft (Osprey Cove) — Student Ian Callahan reported a loveseat and surfboard missing. Callahan left his dorm for about 36 hours and noticed the items missing upon return. His roommate, Christopher Stevens, was moving out of the dorm at the time, but claims he took nothing. The resonding officer printed a key audit of the dorm which contradicted Stevens’s claim he had not been at the dorm that night. The investigation is ongoing.

April 23 — Petty Theft (Building Z) — A UPD officer conducted a building check at Osprey Hall and found an unsecured vending machine. The locking mechanism was ajar, but the machine did not appear to have been burglarized. The machine was undergoing employee servicing and restocking and was not securely locked. Linda Martin called UPD and said the machine was indeed missing money and merchandise.

April 23 — Lost Property (Building 55) — Naquaisah Bacon lost her wallet while at Osprey Fountains. She last used it at “Ozzie’s” and later realized that it was missing. She retraced her steps but could not find her wallet.

April 23 — Information (Building U) — UPD responded to a ground fire outside of Osprey Cove. Smoke and small flames were coming from the mulch on the southeast corner of building U. Jacksonville Fire Rescue was contacted to help extinguish the fire, while Resident Assistant Bianca Goolsby and Housing Maintenance personnel were assisting with fire extinguishers. No fireworks, matches or cigarettes were found near the area.

April 24 — Information (Building T) — UPD responded to Osprey Cove in reference to an extinguished fire. Dale Johnson said two unknown students reported a small fire to him. The fire was in a mulch bed directly in front of room T-120. Mr. Johnson found a small area of mulch that had been burnt. The origin of the fire is undetermined.

April 25 — Grand Theft (Building 14) — Osprey Café manager Korey Konopasek reported that someone had stolen $829.15 from the Chartwells safe. Employees coming into work April 26 noticed the safe was open. The safe is in a common hallway that all employees have access to and between seven and nine employees have the combination to the safe. The reporting officer determined that the surface texture of the safe was not conducive to lifting fingerprints.

April 25 — Burglary (Building 55) — Student Lamar Harris reported his laptop stolen. He left his dorm for church April 25 and returned to find his computer missing. Harris stated that he forgot to lock his door before leaving, and that nothing else in the room was missing or disturbed.

April 26 — Information (Building 49) — Student Amy Hines fainted while working at the child development center. Rescue 50 transported her to the Mayo Clinic.

April 26 — Petty Theft (Osprey Village Lounge) — On April 26, UPD responded to the suspected theft of an Osprey One card. Complainant Caitlin Statler said she had last seen the card in the Osprey Village laundromat around March 12 and wanted to report it stolen before she left for the semester.

April 29 — Petty Theft (Osprey Cove) — There were three reports of stolen refrigerators. Students Zachary Lebobic, Warren Mancera and Nancy McDonald reported their refrigerators stolen after leaving the appliances to thaw unattended outside of their dorms.

April 30 — Information (Building 34) — UPD responded to a sick person at the arena. The victim was overheated and had high blood pressure. Rescue 28 transported the sick person to the Mayo Clinic.

May 3 — Disorderly Intoxication (Lot 55) — UPD responded to a call from the Fountains in reference to student Jeffery Secure causing a loud disturbance in the housing area. The student had been contacted by UPD earlier that day after he created a disturbance at the Fountains’s desk and refused to leave. The responding officer made contact with Secure in Lot 55. Secure was attempting to gain access to locked cars and said that he was trying to meet up with someone. The cars he was trying to enter were empty. The responding officer arrested Secure and he was referred to student conduct.

Compiled by Tyler White and Max Jaeger

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