President Delaney addresses the investigation of the Sigma Beta Rho jacket again



Tiffany Salameh

The official follow-up statement from President Delaney posted to the University of North Florida’s official Facebook page. Photo courtesy Facebook.

UNF President John Delaney made a second official statement concerning the hanging of the Sigma Beta Rho jacket to the University of North Florida’s official Facebook page. The statement was also sent out in an email to all students and staff.

In his statement, he explains the policy of inclusion currently present on UNF’s campus, as well as the policies focused on keeping the campus safe.

Delaney focuses on how UNF promotes diversity and inclusion with organizations such as OneJax, the Commission on Inclusion and Diversity and the Intercultural Center for PEACE, among others in his statement. He also mentioned awards and grants centered around diversity like the Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Award and the Diversity and Inclusion Research Grants.

“I’m proud of the number of organizations and groups we have on campus passionately dedicated to the respectful treatment and inclusion of all humans,” Delaney said.

At this time, UNFPD is still investigating the hanging of the jacket.

According to Delaney, number of people have reached out to him regarding the hanging. Delaney plans on personally meeting with everyone who contacted him regarding the incident and encourages those who would like to add their voice to the discussion to contact him as well.

Delaney ended his statement saying, “I have faith in the University Police Department and the resources they are using in this investigation. I expect more news on the investigation soon.”

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