Inside the huddle: Powerballers

Christian Ayers

Graphic by Caitlyn Broyles
Graphic by Caitlyn Broyles



In this week’s Inside the Huddle, the sports writers discuss what they would do with all that lottery money, who will make it to Super Bowl 50 and they’ll decide what they’d do with the Jaguars this offseason. And if any of you win the Powerball, remember to take the annuity!


So, you win the $1.5 billion jackpot, but you have to spend it all in purchasing one sports franchise. Which team would you choose and why?

CA: Da Bulls. The Chicago Bulls are valued at around $2 billion, but for the sake of the question (and since I’m sports editor), I’d buy them for sure. I lived in Great Lakes, Illinois (north of Chicago) during the first three Michael Jordan championships, so of course I would love to take the opportunity to own that piece of my childhood.

JS: If I hit the lottery, the Miami Heat are mine. Who wouldn’t want a part of the Miami fun that the Heat bring? Plus it would be pretty cool to work with Pat Riley and some of the best players in league enter Dwyane Wade.

AH: Jaguars. Though that’ll probably mean I’ll have to grow a mustache.


The NFL Playoff Wild Card round is over, but we’ve still got plenty of football ahead of us before the Super Bowl. Which two teams do you see making it to SB50? (Don’t say the Packers).

CA: Panthers vs. Broncos. No matter who gets to the NFC championship, it’s going to go through Carolina, and the Panthers are the best team at both ends of the field. As for Denver, I am a fan of Peyton Manning based purely on his overall intelligence and Rainman-esque ability to read defenses, and I think he knows this is probably one of the last few chances he’ll get to compete for another ring.

JS: The Carolina Panthers versus the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 50. Now that would be a good game.

AH: I’ve never been more convinced the NFL is rigged, a la the WWE, than I am right now. I was so excited to see the Seahawks and Packers get knocked out early and see two new teams in the top tier of football, but no nothing special happened, it’s the same teams as always. Anyway I say the Cardinals and Patriots make it to the Super Bowl.


The Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) have shown very short flashes of brilliance in the past few years of their rebuild. Imagine you are the Jags’ GM for a day. What would you do?

CA: Since I’m not a true Jaguar fan, this would be so much fun for me. First off, I would do my best to convince the team to get rid of that awful helmet (or at least the gold part.) Next, I would sure up the offense with a swingback like Reggie Bush, or Matt Forte if I could afford it. And on defense, I would bolster the secondary with someone like Eric Weddle or perhaps bring back Reggie Nelson.

JS: The Jaguars are going to remember the day when I am the GM. There are going to be changes at least for a day. Gus Bradley and I are going to have a longgggg chat about all this losing they been doing. Maybe adding a few more incentives in contracts, or better yet consequences, will make these players do better in games especially with catching the ball.

AH: It’d be the happiest day of my life, and the saddest day of half our defense’s lives because I’d fire them. I’m more of an owner than a GM though. I’d be the guy who just laugh in the face of the Rams owner who reportedly threatened owners to vote for his LA proposal and be one of the two people to vote against him for that reason.

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