Students can begin to regrow their stuffed animal empire with Summer A’s Twisted Tuesday

 UNF Campus Life Facebook Event
UNF Campus Life Facebook Event

Childhood is the enjoyable stage in one’s life when hoarding a collection of soft stuffed animals is viewed as the norm. As adulthood approaches, teenagers are expected to keep only one or two plushes from their childhood. If maturity robbed you of your right to beanie babies, teddy bears or farm animals, Campus Life can repair some damage.

Ospreys get to stuff a cuddly plush animal during Summer A’s Twisted Tuesday on May 24 at 6 p.m. The event is free for students, as long as they bring their student ID’s with them to Osprey Plaza.

The compact plush — eight inches — is perfect for traveling with or modeling in front of bed pillows. For those planning on taking back their right to plush animals, be sure to get to Osprey Plaza early. Campus Life has a limited amount of plushes to stuff.

Campus Life hosted Tuesdays with a Twist weekly last semester to encourage creativity on campus. Campus Life will only be hosting two Twisted Tuesdays during the summer — one during Summer A and one during Summer B. Past activities included creating sand art vases and customizing an over-the-door basketball hoop. 

Students can visit UNF Campus Life’s Facebook page for more information on this event.

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