A poem about poetry week


Will Weber

It’s fun, it’s diverse, but most important it’s free,
It’s the international festival of poetry.
They have food and games at the three-day festival,
But the poetry contest takes it to another level.

If you like to write, bring you best limerick,
With the open mic on opening night your rhymes are sure to stick.
Day one ends with a speaker, who’s bilingual,
What better chance for students to meet, greet and mingle?

On day two’s picnic potluck, you’ll try food from different cultures,
But bring something to share, nobody likes pesky vultures.
Latin singing and dancing, put an end to the night,
Partners can tango and bend under the moonlight.

The last day is for poets, who write instead of rest,
If you submitted your work, you might win the poetry contest.
If you have a question about what you should do,
Shoot an email to [email protected]

It starts tomorrow morning at 10, for the public to see,
In building 58, room 3703.

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