Victoria’s Secret PINK bus visits UNF campus


Tiffany Salameh

Video by Diane Colley

Campus was a little pinker than usual Friday morning as the Victoria’s Secret PINK bus payed UNF a visit.

Ospreys got the opportunity to do a little shopping as well as participate in a raffle hosted by PINK UNF’s campus team. Those who purchased an item on the bus or took a picture in front of the PINK bus and posted it to Instagram with the hashtag #We WantPCC received a raffle ticket. The raffle ticket winner won active gear from the Victoria’s Secret PINK clothing line.

#wewantpcc ? make sure you're accounts are PUBLIC so we can see your posts!

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UNF PINK campus reps are hoping that the PINK bus coming to campus is the first step towards getting a UNF Collegiate Collection. #WeWantPCC is short for: “We want a PINK Collegiate Collection for our school.”

Other Florida universities such as the University of Florida and Florida State University already have a PINK Collegiate Collection.

“This is the first school the PINK bus has visited without a collegiate collection,” Sasha Hemmingway, UNF PINK campus rep, said.

The PINK campus team told us that UNF’s performance in the nation-wide campus showdown competition gained North Florida attention from Victoria’s Secret.

Spinnaker will continue to track and update UNF’s status in receiving a collegiate collection.

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