Write-in votes offer humor and fuel hatred among voters


Logan Ansteatt


As the votes were rolling in for the 2016 presidential election, rumors about write-in votes sparked hilarity and anger among those on social media.



Although official numbers are unconfirmed, it seems clear that thousands of Americans chose to indulge in a laugh rather than vote for a valid candidate.  

The result? A divided twitter and social media sphere in general as many laughs turned to criticism. If the numbers of responses related to these posts are any indication, write-in votes for Harambe, the Gorilla killed earlier this year at the Cincinnati Zoo and  Hennessy, the alcoholic drink brand, could have reached tens of thousands.

We might never know an official tally on the votes Harambe received for President. What is clear is that write-ins, so-called protest votes and votes going to third party candidates such as Gary Johnson that could have swung the presidential vote in a different direction has angered many.

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